June 29, 2010

Lake Ginninderra Handicap 29th June 2010

Today's Lake Ginninderra Handicap run/walk was won by Denis Gray, who also won last month.

Denis also won the Customs Joggers pointscore for the first part of 2010.

A field including Simon Wall and Mark Juddery was boosted by other runners.

Rob Walter was possibly the fastest runner today, being last to start, but I'm sure he made up a lot of time on the early starters.

Phil Caruthers, and others enjoyed the barrel draws at the end. Rad Leovic won a bottle of wine in this event.

Richard Scutter and Geoff Barker enrolled in the walking division today, with Geoff Barker being well placed although not off his running handicap.

Prizes were provided by The Lighthouse bar, there being a lucky number draw for those.

Sorry for this short report.

A fuller results list and other information can be found on the internet, but at the moment I don't have the URL.

June 27, 2010

Mt Ainslie Vets Handicap 27th June 2010

If I am reading the results of this run correctly, The winner was Terry Levings.

How many times has he now won this event at Mt Ainslie ??

I recall him posting 3 successive wins, 27th August 2000, 19th August 2001, 18th August 2002, and he has now 4 wins in this event.

Third placed finisher with 150 points makes him first eligible.

Is he the Mt Ainslie specialist ??

127 in the field.

Waddell series 29 finishers

Frylink series with 50 finishers.

The fine weather brought out a good field, to arguably the toughest event on the Vets Calendar.

June 26, 2010

Naming of horses

Choosing a name for a horse might be seen to be easy but:-

There are some rules like a name can't be used again for 17 years for most horses.

Names of the winners of major races have more restrictions on their reuse and names like Phar Lap and Bernborough for example, can't ever be used again.

Even when you think you have found a good name and it meets the above criteria, it still has to be approved by the Registrar of Racehorses.

There have been some beauties that have slipped through the system though like Piston Broke...haha

June 20 at 9:12pm

Thanks to Phil Toomey for this insight.

June 25, 2010

Customs Joggers 25th June 2010

With much anticipation of the results in the pointscore for first half year of 2010, runners were arriving from 20 minutes to midday to participate in a pack run over the Floriade variation to the course in readiness for the much awaited announcements after the initial leader, Kevin had been away for the last few weeks, and were anxious to be present when the winners were announced.

The winner was Denis Gray who leapt into first place a few weeks ago, Simon Claringbold hung on grimly to second place, while Kevin O'Keeffee had enough points built up to hold onto third place.

Peter Clarke was 4th.

Our sponsor, Brian Wenn was present on this auspicious occasion to present the prizes. Mike had prepared a selection of snacks and dips for those who ran today to partake of, and numerous announcements and convivial cameraderie were enjoyed by those present.
Denis Gray and Thomas Pearce had enjoyed an early start and thus an early finish, and are looking forward to participation in this year's City to Surf.

We had the rotunda near the finish in case inclement weather blew by, but there was no rain or cold winds, so it was a good occasion.

Barrel draws were won by Peter Clarke, Colleen Koh, Doug Fry and Caroline Campbell amongst others.

This weekly run is held every Friday from near Stage 88 in Commonwealth Park, starting at 12:20 pm.

June 23, 2010

BBQ Stakes 23 June 2010

Quick on the draw

Greg Gilbert was contacted about Sunday or Monday to replace the battery in the BBQ Stakes printer clock.

It was replaced and the clock returned for use today. Not sure of the cost, but it worked seamlessly today with Bruce Wight being the timekeeper.

With 47 or thereabouts running today, there was a good field. Matthew Murphy was one of the backmarkers, and worked his way through the field to finish about midway. Binh Zinc came in first place, on 39:35. John Hall second on 39:44. and Des Brown third placed. Geoff Moore was well placed today, and John Busteed ran a recent P.B.

Julie Quinn ran today after a 60 km training run the previous Sunday, and a PB of 26:18 last week.

This run continues to attract new runners, with one of them being a returning runner who came first in the field, after an absence of several years.

June 17, 2010

City to Surf 2010

This year there is a new start time and new start group.

In addition to the Sun-Herald 1 (runners finishing in under 75 minutes) and Sun-Herald 2 (75-100 minutes) starts, there will be Yellow and Blue groups who gather in College Street and then the Back of the Pack in Macquarie Street.

The first starting gun to be fired will be at the new time of 8.30am, with the Yellow group and subsequent groups not starting before 9am.

Look out for the City2Surf “Legends” – the 39 entrants who have completed every single race so far!

Lloyd Edwards and the Lakes Stakes

Some of those who attended the Lakes Stakes on 16 th June 2010
Lloyd was presented with the runners shop voucher in recognition of his outstanding work as organiser, running 747 times out of the total runs of 911. His PB was 21:16, at a rate of 3:30 for the 6km course, and being in charge for 12 years.
Photo by John Kennedy, other photos are available.

High Tech equipment saves the BBQ Stakes 16rh June 2010

Paul Farrington, on first duty as timekeeper saved the stakes today, with his high tech "smart Phone (I'm not sure what brand it was). When the normal time keeping equipment a Seiko S 129 was turned on today, there was no display, an indication that the time keeper battery was "Dead".

Some discussion and experimenting with mobile devices revealed that Paul had a suitable device, which during the event worked seamlessly.

After the event he was requirees to recall finishing times from his phone and forward them to the results processor, Terry Dixon,

Today's winner was Bruce Wight, followed by John Scheding, with Angie Bennett, locking up third placing. She is a fairly regular runner, but has not had many placings.

Paul Archer, who started late today, has now participated more than 10 years, and Rad Leovic has now participated for more than 9 years.

Rad had run the Sri Chinmoy Half Marathon on the previous Monday, and the Lakes Stakes the Previous Tuesday.

55 was the usual good field on a fine Wednesday.

It was also noted that Greg Regester had won the Sri Chinmoy Half Marathon event.

June 14, 2010

ACTVAC Event fees

ACTVAC Event Fees

"Val Chesterton" View contact details
From the ACTVAC Committee

Event Fees

Members are reminded of the motion passed at the recent Annual General
Meeting to increase event fees per participant from $3 to $4 per event (day
members $5), with effect from 14 June 2010.

The new fees will therefore apply at the June run walk and throwing

Please assist the organisers and helpers by making sure you have the correct

Annual Report

The 2010 annual report is available on the ACTVAC website at
http://www.actvac.com.au/Documents/Annual10.pdf. Hard copies are also still
available. To obtain a hard copy contact Narelle Blackaby at

Queen's Birthday Honours

Professor Peter Collignon

Recognised in the Queen's Birthday Honors list.

He has been director of the of the infectious diseases unit of the Canberra Hospital since 1987 and director of the hospital's Microbiology Department since 1996. He is best known for his work to fight the spread of deadly superbug infections and has been a leading critic of some aspects of the health system's response to swine flu.

So why should I blog about him? He was on a second team of doctors who treated me in Canberra Hospital.

He consulted me while in hospital, and afterwards until he concluded my condition was sufficiently improved.

Congratulations Doctor, or as we now rightly know, Professor.

Lake Tuggeranong Stakes

Message from Lloyd Edwards

As you have probably heard by now, I have stepped down from running (organising) the Lakes Stakes due to changed circumstances in my life.

However, Peter Thomson has agreed to take over and he will do a wonderful job.
I will do an occasional lunch time run from now on as time permits but occasional is the word.

As with all the lunch time runs in Canberra I have enjoyed the company of all my fellow joggers/runners as much as the runs themselves and I know that you would say the same.

Regards, Lloyd

June 12, 2010

Spam still around

I received a spam message today, in almost identical terms to the spam I received late last year, and which was circulated.

The person who was spammed, has reset his passwords, and hopefully his account is now in order.

Just a reminder that we need to be alert to the possibility of spam messages, and keep our Virus checkers up to date.


June 09, 2010

BBQ Stakes 9th June 2010

Today the temp was forecast to be a max of 10 degrees, yet 52 runners fronted and competed. They shed layers of warm gear just before running, some wore extra warm gear during the run.

Kerrie competed again, getting over her recent injury now. Garry Bowen broke his run of the same time on 3 successive events.

Winner today was Paul Barrington with 8 runs and a PB of 38:39. Second was Rad Leovic on 40:08, third was John Hall on 40:09. Speedy Geese were again present in force, their leader, Speedy Geoff recently ran the Doomben Half Marathon in 94:56, second in the M60 category with a time of 94:56.

Kathleen arrived earlier than in past weeks and finished about 40th or so.

There was no Matthew Murphy today, one of our regular fast runners, and Marc Wilson started earlier than the rest of the field.

Adrian mentioned that Lloyd Edwards, was relinquishing his role as coordinator of the Lake Tuggeranong Stakes as of next Tuesday. It is hoped that runners will compete in the Lakes Stakes next Tuesday to suitably farewell Lloyd. A regular contingent from Woden usually travel to that run, and others are invited to run at "Tuggers" next Tuesday to express their appreciation of Lloyd's commitment to Lunch Time Running in Canberra.
The start of that run is at 12:20 pm.

June 08, 2010

Lake Tuggeranong Stakes

Lloyd Edwards to depart from his role as co-ordinator and Administrator of this popular lunch time running group.

I believe it is in order to spend more time with his elderly family who live elsewhere than Canberra.

Come along nest tuesday 15 th June to give Lloyd a fitting farewell.

It is hoped that a photographer from The Canberra Times will be able to come along and attend, and a farewell yarn is hoped to be submitted to the paper.

June 05, 2010

April 2010 Jogalong


The April Jogalong coincided with the Easter weekend so the number of participants was down on recent months. Nonetheless, there was still a good turnout across the three events.

The winner of the 6 kilometre handicap event was one of the Jogalong’s youngest participants, Sarah Harley. Sarah, who is only 11, joined the Jogalong community in December last year and her time of 37 mins 24 secs was a personal best. Another newcomer. Robyn Mathers, who also first participated in December last year, was second, again in a personal best time of 38 mins 41 secs. For the third consecutive month Kasey Alchin was amongst the placegetters, having finished third. Kasey’s time of 44 mins 13 secs knocked more than three minutes off her previous personal best time and is more than six minutes faster than her winning time in February. Having a personal trainer is clearly paying off for her

Fiona Jorgensen who has not participated in the Jogalong for 5 ½ years made a welcome return to the event and recorded the fastest time of the day of 26 mins 50 secs clearly showing that age has not slowed her at all.

In the 3 kilometre mixed event Ben Watson again recorded the fastest time of 10 mins 51 secs. Ben’s younger brother Jack Watson was second, while Riley Budd competing in his first 3 kilometre event came in third.

The winner of the Minijog was Callum Burns closely followed by Nicholas Anastasi and Spencer Burns.


With numbers down due to the Easter weekend April was a good month to pick up points in the annual pointscore competition. After four very consistent performances, Vivienne Thom has opened up a nine point lead in the competition ahead of Mary Ann Busteed. Those two are well ahead of Jogalong stalwart Linda Miles.

A number of milestones were achieved in the April event with three people completing their 100th Jogalong and another person completing her 50th event.

Mary Ann Busteed first competed way back in 1984 and has been one of the most consistent participants over the period. She has been paced twice, in December last year and February this year. Former Jogalong coordinator, Kerrie Tanner, also completed her 100th Jogalong in April. Kerrie first competed in August 1998 and has recorded some remarkable times since. In recent years, she has gone off in one of the early groups so has been ineligible but she did win the event in March 2002. completing the trio participating in their 100th event is Cilla Chapman. Cilla first competed in February 1986 and, again, has been a very consistent performer since. Cilla was placed third in September 2003.

Finally, Wanda Stewart completed her 50th event in April. Wanda first participated in May 2005 and is a dual winner of the event – in January and May 2006. She recorded her personal best time of 38 mins 51 secs in November 2008.

Jogalong Results

1 Miriam McCarthy 27:29, 2, Julianne Quaine 32:23, 3 , Samantha Wright 33:14, 4 , Dawn Casey 34:00, 5 , Julie Triggs 33:48, 6 Jacqueline Millard 34:34, 7 Linda Shillington 35:46, 8 Catherine Watson 38:17, 9 Kerrie Tanner 44:42, 10 Samantha Aspin 36:12, 11 Monica Harley 36:13, 12 Denise Cardew-Hall 47:37, 13 Frances Mackay 30:34, 14 Alice Jones 54:37, 15 Natalie Tanks 30:37, 16 Lucy Boom 38:07, 17 Helen Bultitude 52:42, 18 Therese Kercher 49:04, 19 Frances Heikkonen 55:31, 20 Evangelia Karakotas 43:32, 21 Melanie Levy 37:15, 22 Terri-Anne Howell 42:31, 23 Kristin Blume 42:31, 24 Amy Kingham 42:33, 25 Charine Bennett 35:01, 26 Amanda Ruffin 29:37, 27 Julie Bell 36:25, 28 Anne-Marie Wilkes 33:55, 29 Sarah Harley 37:24, 30 Robyn Mathers 38:41, 31 Annegret Ludwig 33:48, 32 Sharyn Hill 32:49, 33 Cara Galea 34:51, 34 Melanie Callaghan 29:22, 35 Susan Bultitude 42:54, 36 Kathleen Bleakley 31:58, 37 Nicola Davies 34:01, 38 Sharene Hurnen 37:06, 39 Kasey Alchin 44:13, 40 Vivienne Thom 36:18, 41 Annie Lowry 31:49, 42 Kerry L Smith 28:21, 43 Jeanette McDean 1:01:45, 44 Dianne McDean 1:01:45, 45 Jane Burndred 35:53, 46 Robyn Saunders 39:02, 47 Wendy Miller 39:02, 48 Josephine Kulesz 1:02:04, 49 Fiona Jorgensen 26:50, 50 Merilyn Bassett 45:00, 51 Caroline Campbell 32:47, 52 Mary Ann Busteed 32:21, 53 Jeni James 45:24, 54 Susannah Hiron 30:30, 55 Mandy Savery 35:01, 56 Cathy Cochrane 41:35, 57 Michelle Morgan 28:08, 58 Sandy Stevens 51:43, 59 Kim Scott 41:46, 60 Sarah Williams 35:22, 61 Rachel Yates 37:59, 62 Beryl Lowry 42:03, 63 Judy Blake 54:06, 64 Wanda Stewart 43:09, 65 Josephine Farrugia 39:10, 66 Emily Whitten 33:47, 67 Margaret Tuckwell 52:18, 68 Sara Toscan 35:22, 69 Mary Johnstone 57:25, 70 Norma Lindemann 36:26, 71 01st Unknown Female 38:31, 72 Lynn Williams 40:34, 73 Sue Rymer 35:07, 74 Cilla Chapman 49:39, 75 Linda Miles 39:44, 76 Nerelle Harrison-Heard 41:51, 77 Amanda Roccisano 46:58, 78 Fiona Johnstone 34:53, 79 Glenis Hiron 40:27, 80 Yumiko Clifton 38:07, 81 Kay Austin 47:42, 82 Maria White 37:19, 83 Lorraine Jansen 37:57, 84 Jane Smith 38:51, 85 Gabrielle Wright 54:25, 86 Lorraine Anderson 1:02:36, 87 Meera Rajendran 1:02:37, 88 Des Butler 39:26, 89 Diann Bramwell 55:44, 90 Jenny Davies 43:05, 91 Jennifer Morris 57:16

Mini-Jog 1.6km

1 Noah Budd 7:34, 2 Callum Burns 6:40, 3 Nicholas Anastasi 7:32, 4 Spencer Burns 8:03, 5 Roger Harley 8:21, 6 Zachary Harley 9:25, 7 Laura Burns 10:31, 8 Isabella Anastasi 9:41, 9 Kieran Savery 9:19, 10 Cameron Allnutt 11:09, 11 Nicholas Allnutt 8:10, 12 Oliver Hill 8:13, 13 Isobel McDonald 8:45, 14 Adrian Dwight 8:59, 15 Stephanie Brettargh 10:33, 16 Natalie Power 10:07, 17 Ayden Roccisano 10:40, 18 Hayley Bullas 11:19, 19 Emily Honeyman 10:53, 20 Cooper Morgan 8:56, 21 Katya Zygadlo 9:39, 22 Grace Hill 8:51, 23 Kelsey Morgan 8:52, 24 Melanie Gray 11:32, 25 Nicholas Honeyman 12:08, 26 Lachlan Kennedy 12:11, 27 Charlie Triggs 13:15, 28 Ayu Hancock 11:41, 29 Natalie Stiffle 12:47, 30 Neve Savery 11:34, 31 Erica Dwight 14:13, 32 Caitlin Power 14:34, 33 Lucy Hill 14:42, 34 Emily Shillington 12:53, 35 Charlotte Hill 14:13, 36 Nina Hausknecht 15:49, 37 Mirabel Wilson 17:14, 38 Ingrid Hausknecht 16:46, 39 Julia Harley 16:57, 40 Kai Kennedy 20:47, 41 Luke Harley 23:06.

3km Mixed Event

1, Ben Watson 10:51,2 Jack Watson 11:56, 3 Riley Budd 12:17, 4 Nicholas Tanner 12:36, 5 Alana Hurnen 14:00, 6 Nelson Towler 14:20, 7 Vanessa Towler 15:52, 8 Natahsha Zygadlo 17:09, 9 Maria Navarro 17:15, 10 Angela Christian-Wilkes 18:07, 11 Cameron McDonald 19:17, 12 Fiona McKenna 19:59, 13 Shanti Sumartojo 21:00, 14 Kate Hancock 21:47, 15 Joan Purcell 24:56, 16 Sirkka Ropponen 35:54, 17 Tiina Ropponen 35:56, 18 Angela Rymer 38:31, 19 Narelle Blackaby 41:43.

June 04, 2010

Customs Joggers 4th June 2010

He was one of the first to arrive, and nearly the last to leave.

So, the citation for Jim White was read for the Vets encouragement award for 2010.

It could equally have applied today, for Jim White at the Customs Joggers run.

He has a few days off from work after having a hernia operation, and his doctor told him to take it easily for a few weeks, so Jim ran the Customs Joggers at an easy pace today, off scratch.

He came in first in the field today, out of a total of about 30 runners.

Gordon McGurk and Simon Claringbold both ran 2 laps of the course today.

We have had runners run two laps previously eg Scott Imhoff', but I don't recall two runners doing it on the same day. Chris Toohey continued her participation today, as did Chris Vincent, both from Customs..

The evergreen Rad put in a good run, Emma and her friend continued their participation. There was at least one new runner today.

June 02, 2010

BBQ Stakes 2 June 2010

Today the run was in reverse, that is anti-clockwise, as it was the teams event.

And 61 ran in the event. The winner was Sean, 2nd was Leah Afiabo, 3rd was Tony Wynd, I believe the team from Health got the teams trophy, IP Australia members having spent all their energy putting in good performances over the past few weeks.

Felix White was the timekeeper after his win last week, Gary Bowen performed consistently as in the past few weeks, recording identical times for each of the past three runs, despite today's run in reverse.

Kathleen Bleakley put in a good run, having arrived when all had started, even Matthew Murphy being there early for his handicap start.

Mike Kennedy, from the South Coast visited today, and ran, he looks fit and healthy, the South Coast running group, which he founded now includes Neville Madden and Jill Brown, long term ACT Vets members.