May 26, 2010

ACT Vets News

From ACTMAC Website.

Our new ACTVAC Committee for 2010-11, elected at the Annual General Meeting on 25 May:

President: Rachelle Ellis-Brownlee

Vice President: Craig Wisdom

Secretary: Paul Archer

Treasurer: Nick Blackaby

Heidi Johnston
Janene Kingston
Christopher Lang
Duncan Macnicol
Roger Pilkington
Kathy Sims

May 22, 2010



Invitation to the "ACTVAC " club’s Annual General Meeting: 25 May 2010 at 7:30pm

Southern Cross Club Woden

Speaker: Dick Telford

Check your latest Vetrunner, for the poster on this event,

Meetings "Out of the blue"

Met Nigel Crew near Southlands (Mawson) this week. Recognised him immediately, and had a bit of a chat.

He used to come to the Vets track and field on a regular basis, He has Myopia, but he recognised me immediately, and we had an exchange about our medical conditions. He competed in walking events, and even the Vets half marathon, He finished the half marathon in something like four hours, after all the presentations were finished. He could not straighten his lege due to his Dicky Knee, but was a fiercely determined chap and still shows that determination even though he now uses a walking frame.

Then on Thursday, in the Commonwealth Bank in Weston Creek, met Wendy and Robert Altamore, Robert is blind, and competed in the Canberra Times Fun Run with the help of a guide to whom he was tethered. The guide was a Vets club member, and those who helped Robert in this manner, will remember him. He was no slouch in the speed department and I remember the guides saying they were hard pushed to stay at Robert's speed. Wendy said something about Robert De Castella taking some runners overseas, and I had just received by e-mail the details of that run. I will forward it separately.

May 19, 2010

BBQ Stakes 19th May 2010

Today's turnout of 41 runners was left a little short of the usual, because of another run - the ABS Fun Run in Belconnen, an annual event on the ACT running Calendar, where teams from IP Australia and Health were competing, amongst others.

BBQ Stakes had a good turn out though, and a return to the area for Bruce Wight for work, saw him turn out again.

Kerrie did the time keeping, Brian Crowe did the recording along with Kerrie, still with foot problems. Last Weeks winner did the timekeeping and will be travelling in the near future to the world cup in South Africa and hiking in that wonderful country. Today we saw Judy Diamond get her 200th run T-Shirt, with a PB of 29:30 in April 2001.

Winner today was Pat Stakelum, now running in this event quite regularly, he now has 13 runs with a PB of 39:33. Second was John Hall, a long time runner of the Stakes, with Jeff King from IP Australia coming in third place.

Sharene Hurnen in the North Face 100 (kms) recorded a respectable time of 22 Hours 22 minutes and 18 Seconds. It is an event in the Blue Mountains, and must have meant a lot of running in the dark, and she did it while wearing her Vibram socks.

Todays' Results courtesy Kerrie Tanner, (Terry Dixon was one of those in the ABS Fun Run.)

Time over the line

John Busteed 36:50, Marc Wilson 36:50, Hugh Moore 39:00, Rade Skejic 39:14, Patrick Stakelum 39:30, John Hall 39:31, Anna Dimitriou 39:44, Geoff King 39:52, Roger Pilkington 39:48, Lloyd Donnelly 40:02, Sean O'Halloram 40:10, Greg Regester 40:11, Raymond Chao 40:12, Eddie Adams 40:18, Kevin Chapman 40:21, Colin Phillips 40:42, Caroline Campbell 40:54, Paul Farrington 40:59, Bill Bennett 41:01, Chris Powell 41:03, Joe Arrouk 41:09, Gary Bowen 41:10, Heather Powrie 41:12, Rodger Braid 41:14, Terry Levings 41:15, Tony Wynne 41:27, Helen Larmour 41:31, Darren Lesberg 41:31, Lloyd Edwards 42:04, Robert Ey 42:05, Adrian Plunkett 42:50, Daniel Ncauley 42:51, Judy Diamond 43:11, Kathleen Bleakley 43:18, Sonja McKenna 45:01, Gina Haponen 45:01, Phaedra Cayrs 45:33, Keith Fox 45:38, Andrew Luton 56:38, Jenna Arnold 50:39, Anke Aggio (Time unknown).

May 15, 2010

Customs Joggers 14 th May 2010

Another good field of near 30 runners today.

Winners were Chris Toohey and Phil Toomey.

Simon Claringbold was the backmarker today, with Richard Marson and Kathleen Bleakley starting later than their handicap group.

Carol Masters (Bruce Graham's partner turned up today for her first customs run.

Geoff Moore was one of the early arrivals, as was Caroline Campbell, who also runs the BBQ Stakes regularly these days.

Another feature of the Customs Joggers is the regular attendance of new runners, I think there were 2 new runners today. (New to Customs Joggers). Chris Toohey is becoming a regular runner also.

Phil Toomey said that he has gone back to work, or is soon going back on contract.

May 12, 2010

BBQ Stakes Wednesday 12th May 2010

A good field today with IP runners again performing well. Should that form be reproduced in the next teams event, then IP should take out the title.

Axel Godeck was presentes with his 300 th run T-Shirt.

Adrian Plunkett looked after proceedings today with Andrew Blyton doing the timekeeping, Doug Fry handing out cards, with Brian Crowe and Adrian doing the recording.

54 again today with no troubles when handing out the place cards.

Caught up with reports of the recent speedy Geese dinner, which was enjoyed by all, with some waiting until the last days before joining in, and there being a good time had among pleasant company. Sharene Hurnen was first over the line today, she competes in the North Face 100 next weekend wearing her Vibram socks. We wish her well, even though she is a little nervous.

News that Bob Chapman completed the Nail Can Hill run, but not in good condition. He had to go to the Hospital after the run, and will have to see specialists about his "Atrial Fibrillation preliminary diagnosis.

Got a comment/report from Basher, who travelled to Melbourne for the Anzac test courtesy of The Canberra Times competition, all expenses paid, he really enjoyed it, even though it rained during the game, isn't that the way in Melbourne.

May 05, 2010

BBQ Stakes 5th May 2010

BBQ Stakes 5 May 2010

This was a good run for those in the IP team in today's run being in reverse since it was the monthly teams event.

IP took out the teams award,

In the individual category, Andrew Blyton took out first place, second was Colin Phillips, while third place was taken out by Pat Stakelum.

The IP team won the teams trophy, Andrew Blyton, also scored his 100th run T-Shirt, he has 4 wins, 32 runs since his last win, and has a PB of 24:24. There were more than 50 runners today, despite there being several who ran in the Canberra Running Festival events on the previous weekend, with BBQ Stakes runners being well represented in those events.

Gary Bowen last weeks winner, received his prize, he is currently undergoing a stint in the Probiotics study being undertaken by the AIS.

Greg Stretton got married on the South Coast last weekend, and ran into Roger Stewart, of the ACT Vets, who now has crook knees, but managed to have his photo taken in his Speedos, with Greg and his Wife. Watch out for the photo to appear in a future edition of Vetrunner.

May 04, 2010


Invitation to the "ACTVAC " club’s Annual General Meeting: 25 May 2010 at 7:30pm

Southern Cross Club Woden

Speaker: Dick Telford

Canberra Running Festival Photos by Kerrie Tanner

Where does all the leftover food from Masterchef go?

Ever wondered where all the leftover food from MasterChef Australia goes? Far from being thrown in the bin, excess food not used by contestants or celebrity chefs to create their mouth-watering masterpieces is shared among countless homeless people and those in need.
Not-for-profit food charity, OzHarvest, ensures MasterChef’s excess food is put to the best use possible.
“We collect the food and within half an hour it’s straight onto the table of a food program or an organisation which has a food program, who feeds it their clients and recipients,” says Ronni Kahn, founding director of OzHarvest, explaining what happens to the leftover food from the MasterChef kitchen once the OzHarvest vans come to pick it up.
Ronni (pictured above) started OzHarvest six years ago, spurred on by all the leftover food she was seeing at functions and parties she organised while running an event production company.
“I reached a point where I wanted to make a difference and I wanted to create and build a link between leftover food and people in need,” explains Ronni.
That wasn’t as easy as it sounds, with OzHarvest working to have laws amended so the food could be distributed, which has now happened in NSW, ACT , SA and Qld. In Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle and Canberra (OzHarvest will also kick off in Adelaide soon), the organisation works with food donors like MasterChef and some of Australia’s top restaurants to deliver excess food to various charities, who then give it to people in need.
The way OzHarvest is growing is “so exciting,” says Ronni, who was named Australia's Local Hero 2010 as part of the Australian of the Year Awards in recognition of her efforts. Ronni says the honour was great because it let so many more people know about OzHarvest and left her feeling “humbled and very proud.”

May 03, 2010

Nail Can Hill Run 2010

11.3 km

ACT competitors, regular competitors at this event.

Susan Archer 55:13 firstW60
Carol Baird 59:39 second W60
Diana Schneider 68:01 third W60

Paul Archer 59:30

Michael Leahey 52:40
Miranda Rawlinson 68:01
John Kennedy 52:47
Kevin Chapman 64:53
Bob (Robert) Chapman 65:15 Age Buster