November 29, 2009

Congratulations Carol - Encouragement awardee 2009.

Sunday 29th November 2009.

Carol Baird was the recipient of the ACTVAC Encouragement award for 2009.

This was awarded at the conclusion of the Handicap event and end of season presentations at Weston Park this morning.

Carol's presentation and award was a just reward for her efforts at for one item, the fruit preparation for the end of handicaps for several seasons.

She has been one of the first to arrive at each handicap, setting up the fruit table, and cutting and preparing the fruit.

Ding, dong, dell

Childhood memories

This is a poem we learned in our childhood, and it came back to me on a recent episode of Midsummer Murders ABC 13th November 2009.

Ding, dong, dell, Pussy's in the well. Who put her in? Little Johnny Thin. Who pulled her out? Little Tommy Stout. What a naughty boy was that, To try to drown poor pussy cat, Who never did him any harm, And killed the mice in his father's barn.

I wonder whether the children of today, have come across this verse.

November 26, 2009

Mt Ainslie Run up next tuesday (Christmas Handicap)

Next Tuesday

The annual Trevor Jacobs Christmas "Handicap" Mt Ainslie Run Up will be conducted at the usual time of 12.45pm from behind the War Memorial in Treloar Cres, Campbell. Please arrive by 12.35pm to get a handicap.

A helper or two are needed at the summit.

Contact John Harding

Trevor has vowed to retain his RedMo until then.

Donations are still being taken, via the website.

November 25, 2009

Nick Walshe

The Runners Shop website has the following article.

Nick Walshe

Nick is now a part owner of The Runners Shop, having bought into the business in early 2009 after a number of years working as an accountant. Nick competes locally in distance running, and has also represented the ACT for national cross country and national half-marathon championships. His running career highlight came in 2004, when Nick was part of a mixed team of distance runners from PricewaterhouseCoopers, who qualified for the JP Morgan World Corporate Challenge in New York. Nick ran a solid time for the 5.6km course, finishing in 30th place. He recently became the ACT Marathon Champion in placing seventh overall at the Canberra Marathon. He ran a personal best 2hr 37min 41sec

BBQ Stakes 25 November 2009

BBQ Stakes.

Winner today was Matthew Murphy, being his 12th win,

45 runners again today on a very hot day. This number is reasonably stable these days. Hot or cold, always a good field.

Second was Ian Hore, with Raymond Chao coming in third. Raymond is another of the AIPO running team. John Busteed again ran. Martin Friar probably still in recovery mode following his win in the Deep Space marathon, in record time, on the weekend had to attend a meeting, so was not in the stakes today.

Steve Smith gave notice that he would like a takeover of the handicapping role to occur, sometime in the new year. Steve has been in this role for a number of years now.

So if you would like to talk to Steve about the handicapping role, he would be pleased to hear from you.

Don't forget the Christmas BBQ Stakes relays on Wednesday 9th December commencing 5:30 pm. $4 entry, with eats and drinks afterwards, line up your team partner now. Each pair in a team, tries to finish closest to 40 minutes.

November 23, 2009

Jodie Davis in R4YL again

Jodie Davis.

This Time in R4YL magazine, she shows her Disneyland Half Marathon Medal.

Page 16 with two photos.

Made the most of her trip to run the Disneyland Half Marathon.

Deep Space mountain running events

Deep Space mountain Running Events

Sue Archer improved 13 minutes

on her 25 km run in the snow last year

in finishing first female

and first W60 in 2:39:57

The Olympic Dream 10 km Fun Run

Local Vets in this event

Anne Young 63:53

Sue Counsel 62:51

Travelled together to the event.

The big prize this year was the Kerryn McCann medal for each finisher.

November 18, 2009

BBQ Stakes Snippets November 18th 2009

45 finishers today, John Busteed competed today after several years absence, Steve Smith achieved his 500th run, Lloyd Donnelly's film night was a huge success, Des Brown had a new and tougher handicap to start off being second and first in the previous few weeks, A voucher is on hand for Alison Hale, when she next competes, and does her duty of timekeeping ?

Ian Hore was sent condolences by Adrian, on the passing of his father.

Ian had a sickness a few weeks previously.

Christmas Relays confirmed for Wednesday 9th December, at 5:30 pm, BBQ time at 6:20pm, Awards presentation at 6:45pm.
Contacts Adrian Plunkett 6283 2388, Steve Smith 6283 2406.

November 09, 2009

Ben Donohoe Fun Run

Erwin McRae 18:30, Stuart Doyle 21 mins Approx, Sarah McRae 24 mins approx. The students will put out a press release shortly.

Over 1000 finishers.

Information supplied by Ken Eynon.

Customs Joggers

Pointscore leaders are Martin Woods 460, Simon Claringbold 395, Kevin O'Keeffe 392, Yumiko Clifton 467.

Christmas Celebration on Friday 11th December with Nibbles and Drinks.
Pack Run at 12:15pm.

Note, the possum is still around, so come along for a sighting.

Vets (ACTVAC) Website Calendar

The Calendar has recently been updated, and now flows through to include to the end of the track and Field program, and the Sprint Marathon Relay and the early Throw and Run Handicaps for 2010.

Please advise any event which should be included, or any event which is incorrect.

November 08, 2009


Cross off two people from those "at Risk" people who have not yet had the vaccination, about which much has been written and publicised lately.

While on one of our regular visits to the health centre, we asked about the injection and whether it could be arranged. We had read, heard and been told and heard many variations on the procedure; like attending a clinic, making an appointment, etc..

Our query was probably made at a convenient time for the health centre, although it was a comparatively quiet time of the day. The nurse told us about the procedure to be followed, but then chased the paperwork, and the doctor, and it was all over in a short time frame. We had to wait afterwards, in case there was any adverse reaction, there being none, we left for home shortly after our several minute wait.

Now, several days later, we have crossed that off our "to do" list.

It was painless, and reasonably quick and straight forward.

November 04, 2009

BBQ Stakes Wednesday 4th November

A good field of 47 (same as last week) ran the BBQ Stakes today.

The winner was Des Brown, who stepped up one placing from last week from a new and a tougher handicap.

Timekeeper today was Ian Hart, the son of John Hart, who has run in many Vets events, and mosly always without a Shirt or singlet (a la Marco) .

Sorry I wasn't listening to all the announcements.

However for those looking forward to the Christmas Relays event, it may be held on the second wednesday of December, TBC.

November 02, 2009

Bonshaw Cup 2009

2009 Results 6.4 km.

Luke Grattan 21:11
Nick Horspool 21:29
Peter James 23:15
Martin Fryer 23:30
James Humphreys 23:51
Paco Iglesias 27:12
Peter Bourgaize 28:22
Graham Burke 29:00
Ken Eynon 30:33
Don Roach 32:17

Natalie Archer 29:07
Belinda Lawford 29:20
Ady Elmitt 30:57
Adrienne Andrews 31:24
Krissi Brewster 33:38
Sarah Dobbie 36:21

241 Entrants

Results courtest of Brad Hetharia