October 26, 2009

Coming Running Events in the ACT


Just a reminder about running events in the local region that are not far off.

Friday 30th Oct – Bonshaw Cup – HMAS Harman 11am entries close 1030am – Details http://au.mc567.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=brad.hetharia@defence.gov.au BBQ/Prizes all for $10.

6pm Tuesday 3rd Nov – ACTCCC Graeme Small Spring Series Race 1 Boathouse – Menindee Drive, Barton. 2k/5k. Free for members or $6 or $2 for juniors.

ACTCCC Spring 2009 – Race Locations. 3 Nov Boathouse, 10 Nov Barrenjoey Drive, off Lady Denman, 17 Nov Weston Park, 24 Nov Boathouse, 1 Dec Weston Park and 8 Dec Lennox Gardens for Relays.
NB. Due to the reseeding of Stromlo Forest Park the Spring Series event on 1 Dec will be held at Weston Park.

9am Sunday 8th November – Ben Donohoe 6k Fun Run and Walk – John Knight Park, Lake Ginninderra, Belconnen. See http://www.bendonohoerunandwalkforfun.com/

Ken Eynon


Thanks to all who are or were concerned about an e-mail message received recently, asking for money, and purportedly sent by me.

Apologies to all who received the fictitious e-mail message, purportedly sent from me.

I can assure you all, that I did not send that message; my account somehow was compromised.

I was not and have not been stranded overseas.

I appreciate the concern expressed by all who have contacted me, or been concerned over this matter.

Thanks to all, and hopefully nothing like this happens again.

I will be doubly alert now, and more careful now that this has happened.

October 25, 2009

Mail from my yahoo account (PROBABLY SCAM)

I am not stranded overseas, so if you have an e-mail purportedly from me, asking you to send money overseas, please ignore.

I suspect it is scam, and a badly worded effort to get money from you.

My yahoo account has been suspended for 24 hours, so I hope they (the yahoo people) can sort it out.

Thanks to all who phoned me to alert me to this matter, and as this is the only way I can think of at the moment, to get a message out, please accept this explanation and an apology for me being involved somehow, in this spam attack.

October 21, 2009

BBQ Stakes Wednesday 21st October 2009.

Today saw a field of 57 run the event, with a well known runner from Queensland, doing his best despite a shoulder injury.

Greg Webster started off a little tentatively, but finished in about 6th place to round off his run. Greg used to start fast, and hurdle the cycle path barrier , just before the first tunnel before continuing with his run, today there was no hurdling performed. Kathleen Bleakley who competes regularly, with the BBQ Stakes and Customs Joggers had a win today, not sure of her time, and Phil Toomey was awarded his 100th run T-Shirt, after "overcoming" a persistent plantar fasciitis injury, but still feeling the effects of it. Lloyd Donnelly announced details of his Nepal Trek, the film of which he is busily editing, before putting it on public show at CSIRO Discovery Theatre, on 6th November at 7:30 pm start. Tickets and further information can be obtained from Lloyd Donnelly phone 6247 4731.

October 19, 2009

OCTOBER JOGALONG Results and Report


With the October event coinciding with the long weekend and school holidays, numbers were down a little but it was a good opportunity for those who did take part to pick up valuable points in the annual pointscore competition.

The winner of the 6 kilometre handicap event was Jeni James in 45 mins 31 secs. Jeni was competing in her 127th event having first competed in October 1995. Her time was her fastest since March last year and it was her second win in the event, having also won in December 2000. Relative newcomer, Nerida Clarke, was second in a personal best time of 33 mins 32 secs. Third place went to another relative newcomer, Sarah Williams in just her 10th event. Sarah’s time of 34 mins 43 secs was also a personal best.

The fastest time of the day of 25 mins 33 secs was recorded by Natalie Archer.

In the 3 kilometre mixed event Max Graham recorded the fastest time of 13 mins 14 secs. Hamish McConville and Jaspar Sheehan came in second and third respectively.

Numbers were also down in the Minijog with 20 children taking part. The winner on handicap and first across the line was Adelaide Lalor in 6 mins 14 secs. Callum Burns and Jonty Probyn came in second and third respectively. Thanks to Meredith Boroky for helping out with the Minijog this month. It was much appreciated by all children and their parents.


Merilyn Bassett has maintained her lead at the top of the annual pointscore competition. However, after another good run last month run, Susannah Hiron has cut Marilyn’s lead to just five points. Fiona Johnstone remains in third spot, five points further back. With two events remaining, there is still time for someone to come out of the pack but it is starting to look as though these three will be hard to beat.

Congratulations to Linda Miles who became only the second person to complete 200 events in the history of the Jogalong. Linda first competed in 1980 and has been placed on several occasions over that period.

Jogalong Results:- 1 Oneeka Robb 29:01, 2 Lorraine Stevens 36:29, 3 Amanda Jones 40:53, 4 Kerri Shepherd-Ashby 40:54, 5 Dawn Shield 41:06, 6 Lyn Witheridge 44:13, 7 Linda Mackay 40:16, 8 Betsy Anderson-Smith 26:50, 9 Josephine Kulesz 53:37, 10 Carmel Lynch 53:37, 11 Frances Heikkonen 54:48, 12 Fiona Heikkonen 49:58, 13 Siobhan Mackay 49:58, 14 Cilla Chapman 58:01, 15 Julie Tzvetcoff 36:02, 16 Dipti Talaulikar 42:10, 17 Vivienne Thom 42:48, 18 Cassie Brooker 35:07, 19 Sakshi Talaulikar 43:17, 20 Teri Hobbs 50:31, 21 Angela Sloan 31:34, 22 Pat O'Mahony 56:53, 23 Mandy Doherty 56:53, 24 Natalie Archer 25:33, 25 Karen Paton 44:12, 26 Jeni James 45:31, 27 Nerida Clarke 33:32, 28 Evelyn O'Brien 41:36, 29 Sarah Williams 34:43, 30 Sandy Stevens 48:50, 31 Mary Ann Busteed 33:56, 32 Monique Sheehan 33:58, 33 Kay Austin 47, 34 Nerelle Harrison-Heard 40:08, 35 Robyn McClelland 30:26, 36 Wanda Stewart 41:34, 37 Lorna Burdon 46:36, 38 Tammie Moore 41:37, 39 Maria White 34:08, 40 Cathy Cochrane 41:40, 41 Anne Parrett 44:40, 42 Marilyn Banfield 38:48, 43 Christine Zygadlo 32:20, 44 Clare Wall 29:53, 45 Linda Miles 36:57, 46 Susannah Hiron 29:29, 47 Joan Mallory 46:09, 48 Cathy Montalto 30:13, 49 Sue Archer 27:45, 50 Cathy Levan 42:17, 51 Belinda Farrelly 27:19, 52 Des Butler 1:03:22, 53 Vivienne Walker 36:25, 54 Clare Pritchard 36:32, 55 Sara Toscan 34:07, 56 Mary Johnstone 57:42, 57 Glenis Hiron 39:43, 58 Lisa Flint 28:14, 59 Jessica Robson 28:14, 60 Kate Porter-Smith 35:20, 61 Dianne McDean 1:03:56, 62 Evangelia Karakotas 54:57, 63 Jeanette McDean 59:57, 64 Julie Triggs 1:03:58, 65 Fiona Johnstone 33:31, 66 Judy Blake 55:18, 67 Norma Lindemann 35:49, 68 Lorraine Jansen 36:06, 69 Jane Burndred 37:39, 70 Kathryn Bond 37:42, 71 Gabrielle Wright 49:45, 72 Caroline Campbell 33:54, 73 Consie Larmour 44:57, 74 Rosemary Parker 36:40, 75 Eleanor Hensley 51:24, 76 Susannah Churchill 32:12, 77 Lorraine Anderson 1:04:59, 78 Meera Rajendran 1:04:59, 79 Janet Perfrement 51:29, 80 Linda Richardson 44:35, 81 Lynn Williams 40:50, 82 Jennifer Morris 53:22, 83 Meredith Boroky 31:37, 84 Josephine Hermans 41:52, 85 Julie Rey 52:26, 86 Britt Schoenrock 40:36, 87 Diann Bramwell 1:12:11, 88 Karen Daniels 1:11:59, 89 Megan Haylock 1:11:59, 90 Robyn Booth 35:11.

3km Mixed Event:-

1 Max Graham 12:34, 2 Natalie Tanks 12:40, 3 Nelson Towler 14:29, 4 Jessica Wallace 15:58, 5 Vanessa Towler 16:47, 6 Emma Fowler 17:21, 7 Maria Navarro 17:28, 8 James Parrett 19:48, 9 Amanda Wallace 21:17, 10 Shanti Sumartojo 21:23, 11 Karen Fowler 21:29, 12 Kate Hancock 21:57, 13 Tiina Ropponen 34:17, 14 Sirkka Ropponen 34:17, 15 Julie Triggs 34:45, 16 Carolyn Hallam 38:01, 17 Jill Walker 38:01.

1.6km Mini-Jog:- 1 Adelaide Lalor 6:14, 2 Callum Burns 7:10, 3 Oliver Sheehan 8:08, 4 Jonty Probyn 9:50, 5 Neve James 9:21, 6 Kieran McConville 8:30, 7 Max Shanahan 7:01, 8 Jack Hermans 8:07, 9 Nicholas Allnutt 7:48, 10 Lana Wurtz 7:32, 11 Andrew Miller 9:11, 12 Clancy Probyn 11:12, 13 Laura Burns 10:53, 14 Leo Shanahan 9:09, 15 Codie Haycraft 10:46, 16 Jemima Sayers 11:29, 17 Georgina Hermans 9:36, 18 Darcy James 13:28, 19 Natahsha Zygadlo 8:14, 20 Cameron Allnutt 13:46.

October 13, 2009

World Masters Games

Lots of coverage of the older competitors, but consider this local Canberra lady in the 10km road race. 1hour 15 minutes 16 seconds

She is the oldest to complete the Cotter 15 miles run , and has the most completions in The Women's and Girls' Fun Run, held in April each year in Canberrra.

Anne Young in the same event 1 hour 2 minutes 24 seconds, has won her age category in the local Veterans Half Marathon numerous times.

October 08, 2009

Not another day in paradise

Wednesday we turned in at Woden Medical Centre around 11 am, to see the doctor, about swelling in my right leg, and were not seen until well into the afternoon.

He thought that I should have a scan (Ultrasound) on the leg, and advised us to come back early Wednesday morning for the scan.

Both he and I were certain that the blood clotting had returned to the right leg, even though the specialist had previously given me a clean bill of health and said he need not see me until March next year.

Lo and behold, the scan revealed blood clots, flapping around in my right leg veins, and in danger of flapping around and breaking off.

So it was over to the hospital, after a relatively short wait on a relatively quiet afternoon in emergency, where I was given over to extensive tests and discussion of what was the best treatment, either admittance to hospital for operating on the clots, or being placed on Home care similar to the previous "Hospital In The Home. (HITH)." It was finally decided that HITH would suffice, so here I am at home hoping everything will be handled well. The nurse is to come every two days for starters, to take blood, have it analyzed, and then decide what my medical treatment (tablet dosage) should be.

Having been through this stage previously, doesn't make it any easier this time, although there is less of the unknown this time.

October 05, 2009

Track or Trail

The Kokoda adventure.

I lament the deaths on this amazing adventure that people are taking.

However, after quibbling for a number of years whether the adventure in Kokoda is on a track or a trail, isn't it time reporting didn't quibble about the name, and perhaps shortened the reports, to "Kokoda and concentrated on the amazing feat of endurance it requires.

I applaud those who complete the feat, and am also amazed at the endurance they show.