September 30, 2009

September Jogalong Results and Report


The winner of the 6 kilometre handicap event was Glenis Hiron in a personal best time of 38 mins 07 secs. It was Glenis’ third win in the event having also won in September and October 2007.
Another regular participant, Sandy Stevens, was second in 49 mins 24 secs.
It was the third time that Sandy has been placed second. Third spot went to Amanda Roccisiano, also in a personal best time of 44 mins 42 secs. It was Amanda’s fourth placing in the 32 events in which she has competed.

The fastest time of the day of 25 mins 30 secs was recorded by Natalie Archer.

In the 3 kilometre mixed event Max Graham recorded the fastest time of 12 mins 34 secs. Natalie Tanks and Nelson Towler came in second and third respectively.

There was another good turnout in the Minijog with 31 children taking part. The winner was Charlie Daniel closely followed by Henry Wallace and Ethan Robards.


Merilyn Bassett has maintained her lead at the top of the annual pointscore competition. However, after a very strong run last month, Susannah Hiron has cut Marilyn’s lead to just seven points. Fiona Johnstone has moved into third spot, three points further back.

Congratulations to Janet Perfrement who, after 30 years, has finally completed her 50th event. Janet first competed in February 1979 when she ran her personal best time of 26 mins 34 secs. Janet won the event in November 1982.

Jogalong Results:--1

1 Kerrie Tanner 27:05, 2 Sarah Jane McDonnell 32:30, 3 Helen Larmour 28:09, 4 Karen Scott 36:45, 5 Oneeka Robb 28:48, 6 Dawn Shield 38:06, 7 Josephine Farrugia 39:16, 8 Lauren McDean 40:10, 9 Dianne McDean 41:58, 10 Thao Walker 42:09, 11 Kay Walker 42:10, 12 Amanda Jones 43:09, 13 Kerri Shepherd-Ashby 43:09, 14 Brenda Ford 46:04, 15 Siobhan Mackay 46:35, 16 Fiona Heikkonen 46:36, 17 Lara Hooke 46:41, 18 Sue Gibson 38:19, 19 Julie Dobinson 38:43, 20 Arna Walker 38:51, 21 Catherine Alexander 40:23, 22 Carolyn Vincent 36:11, 23 Melissa Croaker 48:40, 24 Judith Bourne 48:53, 25 Vicki De Margheriti 43:46, 26 Katy Thomas 43:47, 27 Margaret Carroll 43:53, 28 Jenny Morris 40:55, 29 Teri Hobbs 53:01, 30 Sarah Payne 39:23, 31 Josephine Kulesz 54:35, 32 Marianne Eynon 54:36, 33 Vivienne Thom 45:50, 34 Dipti Talaulikar 45:50, 35 Sakshi Talaulikar 45:51, 36 Patrina Baldwin 41:40, 37 Myra Young 52:54, 38 Anna Fox 32:16, 39 Susan Daniell 32:16, 40 Kim Burgess 40:38, 41 Madeline Lesle 47:40, 42 Patricia Perez 30:50, 43 Anna Llanwarne 37:29, 44 Julie Tzvetcoff 37:04, 45 Moira Lawler 44:11, 46 Frances Heikkonen 57:21, 47 Cassie Brooker 35:38, 48 Annie Lowry 31:51, 49 Jenny Garnett 40:09, 50 Leanne Harrison 32:10, 51 Cate Byrne 33:14, 52 Karen Paton 43:01, 53 Glenis Hiron 38:07, 54 Sandy Stevens 49:24, 55 Natalie Archer 25:30, 56 Marilyn Banfield 39:36, 57 Amanda Roccisano 44:42, 58 Vimala Rajavelu 37:45, 59 Tara Mairs 34:54, 60 Kerry Roberts 30:03, 61 Lorna Burdon 46:12, 62 Madeleine Kaye 37:14, 63 Susannah Hiron 28:17, 64 Sarah Williams 35:18, 65 Joanne Purcell 41:21, 66 Katy Hallam 42:29, 67 Nerelle Harrison-Heard 40:31, 68 Debbie Cowell 26:45, 69 Annette Clark 51:49, 70 Linda Miles 36:56, 71 Jacqueline Millard 33:03, 72 Wanda Stewart 40:08, 73 Emily Whitten 31:41, 74 Theresa Buse 33:42, 75 Mary Johnstone 56:14, 76 Robyn McClelland 30:15, 77 Carole Rowe 50:17, 78 Fiona Johnstone 31:48, 79 Teresa Barker 26:49, 80 Matilda Thomas 36:22, 81 Donna Rousch 41:24, 82 Consie Larmour 42:27, 83 Patricia Lee 59:34, 84 Dianne Fox 1:02:35, 85 Meredith Boroky 31:36, 86 Lyn Witheridge 42:40, 87 Jeni James 46:41, 88 Kim Scott 40:42, 89 Kathleen Bleakley 30:12, 90 Judy Blake 53:44, 91 Janet Perfrement 47:48, 92 Cathy Levan 41:50, 93 Rhonda Blackman 45:59, 94 Angela Southwell 39:06, 95 Maree Roughton 39:07, 96 Maria White 34:38, 97 Belinda Farrelly 27:09, 98 Michelle Morgan 27:40, 99 Cilla Chapman 47:13, 100 Norma Lindemann 34:44, 101 Clare Pritchard 36:19, 102 Josephine Hermans 37:21, 103 Pauline Amwony 34:52, 104 Honor Chan 42:23, 105 Lorraine Jansen 34:54, 106 Judy Forbes 44:28, 107 Gabrielle Wright 48:29, 108 Natalie Perry 36:30, 109 Jenny Hefford 33:02, 110 Anna Barker 33:16, 111 Judi Edwards 31:21, 112 Emma Fielder 33:54, 113 Anne Parrett 45:55, 114 Julianne Quaine 30:56, 115 Sue Archer 28:05, 116 Brenda Larmour 1:04:15, 117 Robyn Booth 35:53, 118 Susannah Churchill 30:55, 119 Shaanti Sekhon 1:01:31, 120 Joan Mallory 46:41, 121 Vivienne Walker 37:44, 122 Jennifer Morris 56:19, 123 Tamara Cutcliffe 36:23, 124 Nicola Davies 38:26, 125 Catherine Bond 38:27, 126 Jolien Mikosza 36:08, 127 Yumiko Clifton 38:44, 128 Rita Raizis 43:34, 129 Liz Dechastel 1:11, 130 Kasey Alchin 57:19, 131 Lyn Percival 58:21, 132 Val Bland 1:36, 133 Linda Richardson 47:06, 134 Lynn Williams 43:17, 135 Julie Rey 51:06, 136 Evangelia Karakotas 45:56, 137 Cathy Montalto 40:08, 138 Karen Daniels 41:48.

3km Mixed Event:- 1 Max Graham 12:34, 2 Natalie Tanks 12:40, 3 Nelson Towler 14:29, 4 Jessica Wallace 15:58, 5 Vanessa Towler 16:47, 6 Emma Fowler 17:21, 7 Maria Navarro 17:28, 8 James Parrett 19:48, 9 Amanda Wallace 21:17, 10 Shanti Sumartojo 21:23, 11 Karen Fowler 21:29, 12 Kate Hancock 21:57, 13 Tiina Ropponen 34:17, 14 Sirkka Ropponen 34:17, 15 Julie Triggs 34:45, 16 Carolyn Hallam 38:01, 17 Jill Walker 38:01.

Mini-Jog 1.6km.

1 Henry Wallace 7:29, 2 Miguel Da Silva 7:00, 3 Luis Da Silva 7:06, 4 Isobel McDonald 7:38, 5 Cooper Morgan 7:22, 6 Hannah Sowry 8:33, 7 Jack Hermans 7:36, 8 Nicholas Allnutt 7:08, 9 Lana Wurtz 8:28, 10 Georgina Hermans 8:13, 11 Pippa Graham 9:46, 12 Seb Saint 11:33, 13 Harry Sowry 9:48, 14 Finn Burton 9:51, 15 Alexis Miller 10:23, 16 Adi Wellings 10:55, 17 Katya Zygadlo 6:50, 18 Ben Daniell 10:00, 19 Charlie Daniell 8:42, 20 Jemima Sayers 13:12, 21 Sophie Sheppard 12:47, 22 Natahsha Zygadlo 9:53, 23 Ayu Hancock 13:23, 24 Heather Nugent 13:18, 25 Jack Larmour 16:52.

September 28, 2009

Bonshaw Cup 2009

From the organisers.


The Bonshaw Cup will be held on Friday 30th October this year.

I have a copy of the promotional Flyer and the entry form.

I can send one or both if you ask.

September 25, 2009

19 October 09 - 18 February 10 Robert De Castella Running Track closed for maintenance

19 October 2009 - 18 February 2010
Robert De Castella Running Track closed for maintenance

Refer SFP website

September 23, 2009

Vale Frank Green -- Memories

Memories of Frank Green

6 January 1940 - 16 September 2009

The genesis of the Customs Joggers occurred at the Fishers Ghost Fun Run at Campbelltown in about 1974. Shortly before that, Garry Hand, as Personnel Officer at Sydney Customs, had met a young Irishman off the boat who had been recruited to bolster the Customs IT area. At the time of the Fishers Ghost, Frank Green was largely an unknown quantity apparently with little running experience but a reputation as an elite bike rider. He travelled down with us to Campbelltown for the run.

In those days most of us were happy if we finished the course without stopping so we were astounded when Frank ran with the leaders and was just out kicked in the last 400
metres to finish fourth. It was a very hot day and Frank spent the next couple of hours in the recovery tent suffering from heat exhaustion. This only added to the mystique.

As we surfed the fun running wave through the 70's and early 80's Frank continued to show what could be achieved and contributed to many team triumphs. A notable one
was when he combined with Garry and Danny Dawes to win the Veterans Teams category in the City to Surf – notable because the Tallay running shop organisation ran multiple seeded teams drawn from all the best runners in Sydney. Frank's bike experience came to the fore on another occasion when the same three won the veteran's category in the Sri Chinmoy Triathlon. While there was much argument over who would swim and who would run, the bike leg was never in doubt and taking over far behind the leaders after the swim leg he put the team sufficiently close to the lead that the run leg was a formality.

When the Customs Joggers morphed into the Weston Creek Athletic Club, Frank continued to impress with his ability and determination. He was a member of many successful Weston Creek teams and was as hard as nails. He was a great contributor to Redbacks' success both on the road and was equally competitive on the track. He was always happy to travel to represent the Club around NSW and competed with
credit at the Wagga Marathon more than once.
Frank was also a wonderful club member, often being the first to volunteer. In the early days of the Weston Creek Fun Run we prided ourselves in announcing the winners of all
categories at the presentation after the run. While the outright winners were easily identify, the winners of the many team categories required just the sort of mental gymnastic ability that Frank possessed. He would put
his head down while numbers and placings were fed to him at an alarming rate. We always had the answers in time and never registered a mistake.

As a veteran runner he still holds an Australian Record and three ACT Records all set in 1985. His Australian Record is for the M45 one hour run (17,259m) and his other two ACT Records are for M45 3000m (9.07.4) and 5000m (15.44.5).

From a - Life Member Weston Creek Athletics - also a former
Customs employee

Vetrunner October 2009

Vetrunner for October 2009, This is now available from The Vets Website.

Another superb edition from The Editor, and thus should be available at the Run/Walk Handicap this Sunday.It includes many color photos, and appropriate captions.

Have a look at page 22 with a poster advertising the 30th Anniversary dinner dance as part of the 30 year celebrations.

The dinner dance is to be held on Saturday 7 th November, at The Canberra Club, 45 West Row, Canberra city, 7:00 -- for 7:30 pm.

The Calendar of events has recently been updated on the website.

Note that track and fiield commences on Thursday 1st October 2009.

And also a come and try night is to be held on 28 January 2010.


September 14, 2009

The Canberra Times Family Fun Run 2009

A great day out for charity


14/09/2009 9:44:00 AM

Almost 6000 Canberrans enjoyed the warm spring weather and raised more than $77,000 for the National Heart Foundation at the 34th Canberra Times Family Fun Run and Walk yesterday.
More than 3500 runners filled Yamba Drive from about 9am to stretch and find a good spot at the front of the race pack.

The crowd cheered when The Canberra Times editor Rod Quinn pulled the trigger on the starting gun, breaking a three-year misfire jinx.

About 2200 people walked around Lake Burley Griffin from a new starting point at Dairy Road in Fyshwick. A ''Baywatch babe'' in a red bikini, a pair of Supermen, three bunny fairies and four construction workers in hardhats added a colourful element to the race.

More in today's Canberra Times

Full results in a lift-out this Thursday.

September 13, 2009

From Cool Running Website. Skirtchaser 5km Race.

Skirtchaser 5km Race Brisbane, Men, catch us if you can!

Hi Everyone A few details need to be finalised but the date and venue is locked in.Women start first, men start three minutes later.After Party @ the Finish.Includes kickin' music, random prizes, free drinks, kid's races and fun dating games!Female entrants receive a running skirt and the fellas will get a shirt.Registrations open soon but in the meantime get a feel for the event here... Saturday, November 14, 2009 Time: 5:00pm - 9:00pm Location: Brisbane Botanic Gardens Riverstage City/Town: Brisbane, Australia

September 11, 2009

Getting a new passport.

Passport renewal.

Went to the Post Office today, with my new form filled out.

Signed and had the post office lady look after the paperwork, assemble the application, and the photos, and took the money and paperwork to put into the system.

It should take some two weeks to get a notification, and then I will be able to collect it, from the Post Office.

Customs Joggers 11th September 2009

A small group gathered today, 14 ran in the event.

We had a visitor from Evans Head, Rick Hatcher, in Canberra for some 10 days, to update us on his activities in Evans Head, Northern NSW.

He walked the Floriade course, and was first to finish, although officialy ineligible..

There was another official launch for Floriade today, attended by Jon Stanhope and Nicole Kidman's sister "The Face of Floriade for this year".

Floriade course will be used for the next several weeks.

Peter Davies continues with his treatment, and is looking well and strong.

September 09, 2009

Golden run continues for City to Surf Winner

Golden run continues for City to Surf winner Melinda Vernon.

She has claimed Australia's first gold medal of the 2009 Deaflympic Games, turning on a breathtaking performance to take out the women's 10,000m in Taipei overnight. The 23-year-old, who was born profoundly deaf, stamped her credentials as the world’s premier deaf female middle distance runner, leading from start to finish to record a commanding win. Vernon took control of the race early and never looked back, setting a new Deaflympic record of 35:14.07 in the hot and humid conditions.In taking out the event, Vernon cut over two minutes from the previous race record of 37:26.42, set by fellow Australian Joanne Lambert at the 2001 edition of the meet in Rome, Italy. The 2008 national 10,000m champion and 2008 world cross country representative said the win was the ultimate reward for months of hard work."To win Australia’s first gold medal at the Games is fantastic," Vernon said."There was a lot of pressure going into the race as favourite but I am thrilled that all the hard work preparing for the race has paid off. "The Deaflympics is a great chance to gain more international experience and do my country proud and I will learn so much from tonight’s race." Vernon’s victory in the 10,000m marks the start of a busy campaign for the New South Wales athlete, who will start as a firm favourite in both the 1500m on Wednesday night and the 5000m on Sunday night.Following the Games Vernon, also a dominant force on the open track and field circuit, will turn her attention to the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India, and the 2012 London Olympics. An inspiring role model for the deaf community, Vernon was born profoundly deaf in both ears and at the age of six became the 50th Australian to receive a cochlear implant. The 2009 Deaflympic Games features over 4,000 athletes from 81 countries, with Australia sending a team of 47 to Taipei across athletics, basketball, beach volleyball, cycling, orienteering, judo, swimming, table tennis and tennis.

BBQ Stakes 9th of the 9th, 2009

43 runners today, some of whom ran at Lake Tuggeranong Stakes yesterday.

No rain during the run although there was cloud cover. Similarly no rain during Lake Tuggeranong Stakes yesterday, but plenty before and after.
Lloyd Edwards completed his 300th event, and was given a souvenir 300 run T - Shirt and is clocking up massive totals in the combined tally of lunchtime events.

One new starter today, who proved that he can improve by coming home first.

A couple of the ladies started earlier than the field, and ran together.

They will probably start from a handicap within the field in the coming weeks, now that they know the course.

News about Hugh Moore was mentioned today.

He is a top runner, a top Orienteer, and was super fit, until he has recently been laid low. Judy Diamond passed on this news, she will update his recovery, and I'll send him a card and best wishes for his recovery.