July 31, 2009

Customs Joggers Pointscore announcement

31 July 2009

The pointscore result was announced today with Nigel Coldrick First, Ian McConville second and Bronwyn Calver 3rd.

Bronwyn being the only one of the three present, was able to select the prize of her choice.

There were drinks and nibbles after the event, announcements were made by Simon.

Simon is now looking back to riding again, after having a bingle some six weeks ago. He is heavily involved in organising some of the cycling events that are coming up soon, being President of one of the local cycling clubs. Vikings, I think.

Simon is now able to ride his bike after a crash some six weeks ago.

July 25, 2009

Was this "Friendly help" ?

Had a phone call during the week that offered to help me with my "slow computer".

They said Microsoft had sent them details which indicated that my computer
was slow.

They then said they could "help me" fix the problem.

they took me through lots of questions, after which they said, I could be given advice to correct the slow problem.

I was to follow their instructions to down load and install a program, and I would only have to pay something like $145 per year for the next four years.

So, I was supposed to download a program and install it on my computer, and they would send me a "key" number to install the program.

It was at this stage that I became uneasy about what they were asking, and told them that I was getting a headache, and was closing down my computer, and ending the call.

I had suspicions that they were trying to get me to buy the program by providing my credit card number. I suspected they were only trying to get my credit card number. I also told them that I wanted to get advice about their offer.

I did get advice the next morning, from two independent computer experts, who advised me not to deal with people who cold phoned in this manner, and that microsoft would not have provided such advice to independent people.

They indicated they would ring back the next day, So far, I haven't received any further phone calls from them.

I am suggesting that we should be very very careful if we
are approached in this manner.

The people who called had strong accents, and were saying they were transferring me to their supervisors before continuing the call.

This post is for the purpose of letting you know of such a practice.

Be careful of dealing with these types of cold calls.

July 23, 2009

The Poms

Another reason to rubbish the Poms

If this doesn't spark the Aussie cricketers into action, nothing will (well, going 1-0 down might have...)
Australia's own airline Qantas has joined forces with UK travel agents to promote cheap airfares, using Ricky Ponting's team's demise at Lord's as the punchline.
"Hurry! Once (these tickets) are gone they're gone - a bit like the Aussie Ashes hopes," one website says.
STA Travel is flogging return London-Sydney fares for £215 ($432) - one pound for every run scored in Australia's "rather paltry" first innings total.
The agent says the fares are "to celebrate the epic Aussie demise".

July 22, 2009

July Jogalong Report and Results


With the July Jogalong coinciding with the beginning of the school holidays, numbers were down across the three events compared with previous months.

In the 6 kilometre handicap event, the winner was Wendy Jaensch in 46 mins 00 secs. It was the first time Wendy has been placed in the event after 21 starts stretching back to November 2001. Having come in second in a time of 46 mins 12 secs, Merilyn Bassett was amongst the placings for the third time this year. The handicapper promises to deal with her once and for all this time!! Third place went to Fiona Johnstone in a personal best time of 33 mins 07 secs and it follows her win in the event in February this year.

The fastest time of the day of 24 mins 54 secs was again recorded by Betsy Anderson-Smith.

In the 3 kilometre mixed event, Ben Watson again recorded the fastest time of 11mins 57secs. Nelson Towler was second fastest in 15 mins 54 secs while Lily Apps was third.

In the Minijog, the course was shortened somewhat due to work on the course. Accordingly, the times were a little faster than usual. First across the line and the winner on handicap was Isobel McDonald. Hannah Sowry and Finlay McGurk came second and third respectively.


There was little change at the top of the annual pointscore competition table after the July event. Diann Bramwell has maintained her good lead after six very consistent runs. Des Butler has moved into second spot 33 points behind Diann while Lorna Burdon and Lorraine Jansen are equal third, 15 points further back. With the best six runs counting in the competition, there may well be further significant changes in the months ahead. Most likely to move over the next few months are those people who have so far only completed four or five runs.

Jogalong Results

1 Mary Ann Busteed 33:03, 2 Josephine Hermans 37:45, 3 Thao Walker 36:16, 4 Oneeka Robb 28:54, 5 Sharon Bickers 35:40, 6 Karen Scott 35:40, 7 Kay Walker 41:15, 8 Annalise Hedditch 30:01, 9 Kathy Goth 38:15, 10 Dianne McDean 45:31, 11 Carmel Lynch 46:42, 12 Tamara Cutcliffe 38:33, 13 Ursula Hewat 38:46, 14 Erin Palisi 34:02, 15 Kate Palisi 34:03, 16 Kellie Hedditch 34:24, 17 Kylie Malone 31:11, 18 Katherine Sheppard 32:10, 19 Josephine Kulesz 51:14, 20 Debbie O'Donoghue 47:45, 21 Naomi Stewart 35:15, 22 Wendy Jaensch 46:00, 23 Debbie Dunchue 54:35, 24 Diana Melham 54:35, 25 Alison Cottam 51:52, 26 Maria White 54:06, 27 Jenny Odgers 54:06, 28 Mandy Doherty 52:11, 29 Tania Hobson 53:17, 30 Sheree Kent 53:17, 31 Frances Heikkonen 56:29, 32 Catherine Clegg 30:38, 33 Catherine Watson 37:38, 34 Julie Crncevic 48:44, 35 Emma Giessmann 31:07, 36 Merilyn Bassett 46:12, 37 Cathy Cochrane 41:56, 38 Fiona Johnstone 33:07, 39 Kim Scott 40:18, 40 Debbie Watson 33:20, 41 Gabrielle Wright 47:34, 42 Jean Flood 36:38, 43 Teresa Smith 1:00:39, 44 Penny Troy 1:00:39, 45 Siobhan Mackay 55:40, 46 Cate Byrne 35:50, 47 Fiona Heikkonen 55:51, 48 Betsy Anderson-Smith 24:54, 49 Suzanne Scragg 32:26, 50 Karen Paton 46:57, 51 Karen Pegrum 32:28, 52 Mary Johnstone 56:11, 53 Wendy Read 33:29, 54 Diann Bramwell 47:38, 55 Katherine May 31:10, 56 Jenny Helmore 43:41, 57 Des Butler 33:42, 58 Kate Porter-Smith 33:45, 59 Emily Whitten 31:48, 60 Linda Richardson 39:50, 61 Glenis Hiron 40:53, 62 Susannah Hiron 28:54, 63 Nerida Clarke 34:25, 64 Teresa Evans 43:56, 65 Jennifer Morris 53:02, 66 Anne Parrett 44:03, 67 Lynn Wiggins 35:04, 68 Linda Mackay 30:42, 69 Karen Daniels 30:48, 70 Irena Costmeyer 42:22, 71 Natalie Perry 34:54, 72 Maria Hobbs 35:32, 73 Kathleen Bleakley 32:04, 74 Joanne Saint 29:39, 75 Nicola Davies 35:46, 76 Jacqueline Millard 33:48, 77 Lorraine Jansen 34:19, 78 Amanda Roccisano 46:51, 79 Anne McNeill 35:56, 80 Narelle Clegg 35:56, 81 Judi Edwards 30:32, 82 Cathy Montalto 30:09, 83 Lorna Burdon 48:12, 84 Michelle Morgan 27:44, 85 Nerelle Harrison-Heard 42:16, 86 Clare Pritchard 37:18, 87 Jessica Robson 27:56, 88 Yumiko Clifton 35:28, 89 Lyn Witheridge 43:34, 90 Jeni James 47:37, 91 Mary Anne Apps 40:38, 92 Kay Austin 45:42, 93 Lyn Percival 51:45, 94 Celina Miller 31:58, 95 Linda Miles 40:05, 96 Judy Forbes 44:22, 97 Michele Boyle 39:24, 98 Sara Toscan 34:55, 99 Jade Beale 35:57, 100 01st Unknown Female 1:04:29, 101 Tammy Malone 36:38, 102 Judy Blake 54:39, 103 Penelope Howarth 1:03:40, 104 Caroline Campbell 33:47, 105 Sandy Stevens 52:52, 106 Peta Halloran 40:05, 107 Janet Perfrement 50:14, 108 Shirley Tonkin 45:25, 109 Rhonda Blackman 47:36, 110 Debbie Cowell 30:07, 111 Carmel Thomas 1:05:43, 112 Helen Hopkins 1:05:44, 113 Sarah Jane McDonnell 32:04, 114 Robyn Eland 38:12, 115 Megan Haylock 35:18, 116 Julie Rey 44:37, 117 Wanda Stewart 44:02, 118 Val Bland 57:05, 119 Beryl Lowry 39:26, 120 Thea Zimpel 31:39, 121 Patricia Lee 1:07:19
122 Dianne Fox 1:07:20, 123 Emma Fielder 37:46, 124 Adele Yates 38:55, 125 Margaret Latham 1:01:15, 126 Brooke Donnelly 36:56.

3km Mixed Event

1 Ben Watson 11:57, 2 Nelson Towler 15:54, 3 Lily Apps 16:27, 4 Vanessa Towler 17:15, 5 Luke Giessmann 18:12, 6 Lucy Boom 18:52, 7 James Parrott 20:25, 8 Meaghan Stewart 22:22, 9 Margaret Stewart 22:26, 10 Deirdre Wilson 23:42, 11 Susan Belton 32:10, 12 Sirkka Ropponen 34:19, 13 Tiina Ropponen 34:19.

1.6km Mini-Jog (Shortened)

1 Isobel McDonald 5:16, 2 Hannah Sowry 5:25, 3 Finlay McGurk 4:48, 4 Emily Shillington 5:50, 5 Quinn Dyson 6:57, 6 Harry Sowry 5:02, 7 Lana Wurtz 5:07, 8 Codie Haycraft 6:16, 9 Seb Saint 7:17, 10 Cooper Morgan 4:51, 11 William Dyson 5:32, 12 Jack Hermans 5:03, 13 Sophie Sheppard 6:45, 14 Cameron McDonald 5:18, 15 Adelaide Lalor 6:19, 16 Nicholas Allnutt 4:50, 17 Georgina Hermans 5:21, 18 Brendan Hallett 5:54, 19 Olivia Malone 8:32, 20 Ayu Hancock 7:42, 21 Ben Nugent 6:53, 22 Jacob Miller 8:54, 23 Chloe Miller 8:56, 24 Cameron Allnutt 9:56, 25 Heather Nugent 12:52

BBQ Stakes 22 July 2009

A good customary crowd of 45 ran today, despite the forecast of rain, and a somewhat cooler day after earlier sunshine breaking through.

Timekeepers on the approach of the earlier finishers, prepared a cover for the timing clock, which after all was just a precaution.

Anne Young, Daniel Buckley and Bill Bennett were the first to finish. and Greg Regester, who was also the backmarker, behind Bill Bennett, was a fast runner on the day running his fastest for a long time.

Light showers came down in the afternoon, and more are forecast for tomorrow.

Anne Young, one of the first to arrive gathered some trollies, which are always used to leave runners gear, and transport it from start to finish, along with the organisers' gear.

July 09, 2009


I have just finished this book.

If you have no connection with the surf, some of this novel may not appeal to you, but the surf part of the story is intertwined with the remainder of the story.

The Miles Franklin Literary Award 2009

On Thursday 18 June at a gala dinner held at the State Library of New South Wales. Tim Winton was announced as the 2009 winner for his novel Breath.
It is twenty-five years ago when Tim won his first Miles Franklin Literary Award for Shallows. This year's win means that he is the only writer ever to have won four times in his own right.
2009 WinnerBreathTim Winton(Penguin)
On his win, Tim Winton said that this award has tried to do its part over time to stiffen the resolve and bolster the confidence of Australian writers and by honouring local stories and voices it's contributed to the success our literary culture has enjoyed in recent years.
To view Tim Winton's acceptance speech, click here.
Commenting on the winner’s novel, the Judging Panel wrote:
“Breath is a searing document about masculinity, about risk, and about young people’s desire to push the limits. Winton is at the height of his powers as a novelist, and this is his greatest love letter yet to the sea, to the coast of West Australia, and a compelling testimony to the role of surfing in Australian culture. Written in Winton’s own distinctive voice, we can sense that it is also a homage to some of his favourite writers: Salinger, Faulkner, Melville and Hemingway. But as we are drawn in by the elemental currents of its narrative and the compelling, wave-like force of events, Breath raises disturbing questions about desire and ‘the damage done’. What lines are crossed during rite’s passage? What ethical constraints affect relations between different generations of men and women? Throughout the novel we hear the scream of wind and storm waves and the distant, siren call of the bombora – surf breaking far out at sea. After ‘so much damage, too much shame’, can there be a going back?”

Dangers in Chocolate

Man dies after falling into chocolate vat
Reuters July 9, 2009, 9:48 am

A man fell into a vat of hot melted chocolate and has died at a factory in New Jersey, a spokesman for the local public prosecutor said.
The 29-year-old man was among four workers on a platform above the vat who were dumping in pieces of solid chocolate to be melted down, said Jason Laughlin, spokesman for the Camden County Prosecutor's Office.
"He somehow slipped and fell into the vat," Laughlin said.
Laughlin said the vat at the Cocoa Services Inc plant in Camden was around eight feet (2.5 metres) deep.
"At this point there's no suggestion of foul play," Laughlin said.
Laughlin says a co-worker tried to shut off the machine and two others tried to pull Smith out of the 8-foot-deep vat.
He was hit and fatally injured by the agitator that mixes the chocolate.

July 07, 2009

Focus 7 July 2009

In the Canberra Times today.

The longest solution time for ages


And the answer I have is

keep scrolling


July 05, 2009

Criteriun cyclists confront cruel cool crosswinds

Saturday 4 July at Stromlo forest criterium.

A large field in the women's event was beaten by Amy Cure by 12 seconds.

Cruel cold winds prevailed, but the cyclists circled the track and maintained their pace. Commentary was continuous and kept up spectator interest.
This was part of the Junior and women's Canberra tour, and followed the time trial on Friday and and road stage on Saturday.

A report is in The Canberra Times Sunday edition, page 57.

July 04, 2009

See Family and Friends in the comfort of your home

Rang our daughter yesterday, and saw her son and daughter on our computer, in the afternoon.

She installed Skype, and set it up while she was on her previous visit.

Supposedly free calls to any other Skype subscribers.

Se purchased Logitech microphone and camera at Woden Plaza while she was here.

We're still learning about it.

July 03, 2009

Dave McClelland

Sad new about Dave McClelland

(Normally I would not post this news to a blog, but it has been widely sent.)

From Richard Faulks

I very much regret having to let you know that we have just heard that Dave has passed away today. Apparently, he was found at home this morning, but I do not have other details at the moment, other than that the death has been considered accidental.

He was widely known in Cross Country and Vets running fraternity.

July 01, 2009

BBQ Stakes today 1st July 2009

Reverse direction today being the teams event.

The individual winner was Lloyd Donnelly.

Approx 45 runners today, Steve Smith, the winner of the previous event carried out timekeeping duties.

Several started late, on what looked like it was going to be a wet track, but the showers stopped shortly after most had started.

One lady who was passing by, asked for details of the event, and said she would try and join the event next week.

Word of Mouth is a great way to advertise an event.