January 13, 2009

Lake Tuggeranong Stakes, Tuesday 8 January 2009

On a day where the temperature was forecast to be a max of 38 degrees, The Lakes Stakes saw a good turnout of competitors.

I can recall 14 running , and me holding the clock.

Running were RL, GC, DB, PB, TD, LE, IC, GC, SM, LE, IH, DP, MC, IQ. Temp was over 30 degrees, so those running were to be admired.

Winner the day was IC, who retires in two to three weeks time, and is looking forward to that with great pleasure.
Four travelled from Woden to take part in this run, GC did some cleaning of the environment when coming to the run and so did RL.

A huge number of empty/dirty plastic bottles were noticed in one area of Lake Tuggeranong, so there is scope for a big clean up.

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Blogger Aki said...

Sorry I was not out there to join in. Could have had a swim in the lake and volunteered some clean up skills. :)

10:18 pm, January 13, 2009  

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