July 29, 2008

Speedy Delivery and Hats Off

On Sunday at the Handicaps of the ACT Masters Athletic Club, I looked in the boxes of "Vetrunners" available for collection.

Yes they are still titled "Vetrunner".

Took a short pause from typing, to check that.

Couldn't find mine, after double checking, and thought no more about it, because I had to get ready for my choreographed 200 T- Shirt routine.

My choreography team had discussed the routine, a couple of months previously.

Bit I digress, the Vetrunner was delivered to my letterbox today, Tuesday, so a big thanks to the Vetrunner distributors, for getting them in the post so quickly, and a thanks to Australia post.

Might I also add that our Editor, Narelle, does a great job on the Vetrunner, which always is well presented, and on line usually in the week prior to the Run/Walk Handicap date.

While on thoughts, - a couple of years ago, I ran the Mt Taylor event conducted by the ACT Cross Country Club, and vaguely recall suggesting it as a Vets Handicap course .
History now shows that it is a regular handicap course, slightly new and improved by the handicaps sub-committee.

Hats off to the Vetrunner helpers, and the Vets Handicap sub-committee.