September 30, 2007

Windy Weather

Caught a bit of a sniffle after yesterday's run in the chilling, bitey strong winds.

Hoping the winds will ease for tomorrow's Labour Day Sri Chinmoy 10 km run.

After the run, breakfast, and then a short visit to Floriade, weather permitting.

September 29, 2007

The Same But Different

Running around West basin would expect the same as any other run around West Basin.

But it isn't and today it wasn't the same. It never is, there's always something different.

It was a Saturday morning and there were plenty of cyclists, other runners were about, individually and in groups, walkers in groups from Dunrossil drive, some with dogs, mostly on leads, people with prams just visiting the lake with their young.

And today there were the mother ducks with their little ducklings, some being photographed, other ducks in groups near the ferry terminal.

Even the very stong winds didn't really retract from another great day, although it was hard running into it near the Carillon, but the sounds of music from the Carillon, took attention away from the wind. The lakeshore waves were just breaking over the lake wall.

Floriade viitors were just starting to arrive, plenty of parking was available near the ferry terminal.

Back home in time for lunch, and the AFL Grand Final this afternoon.

What a good start for the long weekend.

Until Next Time

September 26, 2007

Rosemary Runs Rampant

RP came First in the Customs Joggers Run last Friday, Third (Bronze Medal) in the Vets Handicap last Friday, and first in the BBQ Stakes today.

In the Vets total medal count for Handicaps, this places RP one medal behind TT in the overall medal tally.

This win in the BBQ Stakes today, means that in the teams trophy run next week, one of the other retired team members are required to perform.

Note also that the Customs Joggers will try this coming Friday, a reverse run.
This has been suggested as a variation to provide more interest to the weekly runs, and if successful, could become a regular occurrence on the last Friday of each month.

So remember this Friday to run clockwise (aka Reverse), instead of the usual anti-clockwise.

Until next time.

September 25, 2007

News From the AIS

The AIS track as of 25th September new surface laying is in progress.

The track surface from the straight, until about 50 metres past the finishing line, has 8 lanes laid, ten in the straight, while at the eastern end, a blue surface has been laid, and the western end similarly is in progress. This is where the high jump and javelin lead in areas are.

A lot of workers were there today, so things are looking better then a couple of weeks ago.

Until Next Time.

Search for bushwalker extended till Saturday

Search for bushwalker extended till Saturday

Posted 4 hours 3 minutes ago Updated 2 hours 57 minutes ago

Missing Canberra bushwalker, Don Hindle, aged 64. (Supplied)

ACT police have named the bushwalker who has been missing for nine days in the Brindabella Ranges.
Don Hindle, 64, from Fadden, went for a five-hour run near Corin Dam without food or water and never returned.
Sergeant Trevor Coutts says the police will continue looking for him until Saturday.
"By Saturday we'll probably have another 40 SES volunteers and then we'll have a concentrated search on Saturday," he said.
"Then the search will be reassessed by policing management and myself."
Mr Hindle's family have released a statement saying it is unlikely he will be found alive and they have accepted he may never be found.
Sergeant Coutts says Mr Hindle faced harsh conditions on his first night in the open
"The weather on Sunday early during the day was quite nice and as I said he left in shorts and runners," he said.
"Then the weather deteriorated severely to virtually blizzard conditions by night so you know that's a prime example of what can happen to people."


I hope the outcome is good, but he has been missing for nine days and nights now.

Until next Time

September 24, 2007

AIS Track Resurfacing

From ACT Athletics Website

Posted 19 September 2007

AIS track resurfacing - the latest advise we have received is that the completion date is around the 5-6 October but each rainy day can push this date further back.

So here's hoping that the completion is around that date, so that the track will be ready for the start of the Vets season due to commence on Thursday 18th October.

The Vets T&F calendar is in the latest issue of Vetrunner.

And on the Website at:-

1000m Walk
Hammer Throw
High Jump (0.9m)
Sprint Hurdles


Triple Jump
Shot Put, Discus (1)

3000m (GM)


High Jump (1.35m)

Shot Put, Discus (2)

4x100m Relay, 2x200m Relay

4 lap Spiral (A)

Until Next Time

Parkway Vets Handicap

A great day for running, although it was a low temp early in the morning.

Thomas 8km, ran off group 17, and was the sole starter in the group, went fast down the first 2km stretch to cloe's crossing, and then was passed by Lynn just after the turn where Otmar, the course marker was stationed. Just behind Nick at the turnaround, and then started to slow, even slower after Cloe's crossing, managed to ask Maria about her saturday run at the Cotter, and turned for home after 6km, another hill, and getting slower, Peter Margaret, and others were passing me, and I struggled up the last hill to the finish.

82nd place in 50:41.
Splits were 5.32, 5.52, 5.57, 6.15, 6.21, 6.34, 6.33, 7.11.

Explain this is difficult to comprehend, except the first 4km was down, the second 4km was up.

Until next time.

September 20, 2007

The Age Related Factor

In the Canberra Times fun Run results, Thursday 20th September, I have been placed at 1148 in a time of 55:56.

I should according to aging factors be slowing down, but beat last year's time of 56:59.

So, bring on the timing chips for next and future years.

Forerunner Man had me over the line at 58:33, with the clock showing 59:10, and it taking 37 seconds from Gun Time to Chip Timing Mat crossing.

So what do I put in my diary! All of the above or just 58:33.

Until Next Time.

September 16, 2007

The Canberra Times Family Fun Run

Was held on Sunday 16 September 2007

Medalists were
Men:- Brett Cartwright, Gomechu Woyesca and Anthony Haber
Women:-Joy Terry, Emily Brichacek and Angela Bateup

Timing chips were used for the first time, and the very welcome drinks and fruit was provided at the finish, by Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets.

Many stayed for the presentations, and barrel draws.

Brian Wenn advertised The Runners Shop sale this weekend.

Many from the Vets, the Cross Country Club and The Canberra Times training group competed, a few doge, a few prams and one solitary wheelchair competitor.

Weather was king to all, a little cold waiting for the start, but once into the run, the cool went unnoticed as we had a few kind words to those passing me, I didn't pass too many.

Until Next Time

September 10, 2007

AIS Track - A Forlorn Sight

While at Bruce/O'Connor Ridge having a sortee over the course to be used for the Vets October Handicap, and checking the padlocks on the gates to decide which keys to ask for, I decided that after the run, I would have a look at the AIS Track.

It looks very forlorn, and it was a light rainy day to make it look worse.

I estimate that lanes 3,4 and 7, 8 have been laid with new material, from about the start of the straight to about 100 metres around the track, from the finish line.

(That makes 4 lanes of about 200 metres.)

No workers were in sight since rain was forecast today, the only humans today were 2 security people and me.

There are plenty of rolls of new surface, wrapped and sitting at the western end of the track, and some spread around the track.

Hope the workers are good enough to have it completed in time for the T & F season scheduled to begin on 18th October.

Until Next Time.

September 07, 2007

Rad's Wife Christina (Sad News)

Rad finished the Hamburg Triathlon in first place in his age group.

Then when he got to the hotel to book in for the World Masters Athletics Championships, he was told his wife was in hospital. She died two days after having a heart attack.

Rad flew back to Australia, but his wife had already passed away.

Her funeral will be held shortly, it will be for family only.

As announced at the Customs joggers run today, there are highs and lows in life.

Rad has experienced both in the past week.

Until Next Time

September 05, 2007

BBQ Stakes

Ran my 1200th BBQ Stakes today.
And was given a T-Shirt to commemorate the occasion.

A good crowd of runners was present as there usually averages over 50 per run.

The "Retired" Team won the T-Bone trophy today, in conjunction with the reverse running of the event. Phil Toomey, Rosemary Parker and Lynn Williams were the winning trio.
Lynn is featured on the front cover of "Canberra Runner" September issue of the ACTCCC Magazine.

Bill Simeonic was the handicap winner, and for his reward, he gets to do the time keeping next week.
He gets 200 points for the win though.

Until Next Time