April 10, 2007

Cotter 15 miles Easter Monday

We started shortly after 7:00 am.
We set out a little before the official starting point, so we walked to the road crossing official start and then set the Garmin going.
It was to be a leisurely pace with the four of us tossing up whether to wear gloves, jumpers, and other warm gear, but the decision was when we had run to the top of the bitumen, we would feel pretty warm.
Despite those thoughts, my fingers were still cold, so a bit of a clenched fist for a while to keep the cold at bay.
After the 5km mark, fingers felt good and we motored up the hill to where the dams are, alas they were empty.
At the corner with the Piccadilly road, a 4WD with a trailer was parked, probably with Sled Dogs ready for a training/social outing.

The 10km woodpile was slightly down from previously, and Condor creek was a mirage of water, without any flow.
This was confirmed at Padovans, where there was only a trickle to the downstream pond, now stagnating. Much different to years ago, when it was flooded and when we had to turn back because when Padovans is flooded there is no safe crossing at Vanity's.

However we continued, feeling good and pressed on to Vanity's crossing where we took our shoes and socks off, and trod carefully across.

This was a bit hard on the feet, because of the many small protruding rocks/pebbles.
Nevertheless the water was refreshing.

Onwards and Upwards after 5 minutes of rest, and we were soon heading through the Pearces Creek settlement, and missed our dogs who usually greeted us.

Back onto the walking path and under the road to the parking area, the playground was full with Children and parents making the most of the easter Monday Holiday and fine weather, several groups having Barbeques.
They left one table for us, it turned out to be in the shade, so we had our tracksuit tops on while having a chat, a drink and some eats.

It was a good start to the day.
Not too sprightly in the afternoon, since it was December 2006, when we previously did the Cotter.

A good recovery run was had today at Lake Tuggeranong, so we are looking forward to another Cotter run intwo weeks time.

Of the four of us, one had run 12km, 3 days previously, one had done 19kms on the Saturday, while one had done 26kms on the Saturday.

Until Next Time.