August 30, 2005

2005 Planting Stromlo Park.

2005 Planting Stromlo Park.

Planting is close to completion in the Cotter Rd / Warragamba Ave area as in the Narrabundah Hill area. Plantings include American Ash and Desert Ash, Brittle Gum, Canberra Gem, English Oak and Pin Oak, Himalayan Cedar, Oriental Plane, Holly Oak, Claret Ash, Pine, Scarlet Oak and Scribbly Gum. The Eucalypt plantings are all that is remaining. The pine plantings close to the suburbs of Duffy and Holder have been significantly reduced.
The plantings will have a watering and maintenance program over the summer months to assist with their growth and survival

The dead poplars between Hyndes Cres and the ACT Forests Headquarters will be removed as soon as it is dry enough.

Planting is also underway on Mt Stromlo. The eastern face (facing Canberra) will be planted this year. The track verges have been planted with pine (12 metres wide on either side), to provide shade as quickly as possible along the forest tracks. The remainder of the area is being planted with smooth barked Eucalypts (Eucalyptus manifera and rossii - Brittle Gum and Scribbly Gum). There is a small amount of Eucalyptus maculata (Spotted Gum) being planted in a gully. This planting should be completed within a couple of weeks.

Work on the Bushfire Memorial at the bottom of Eucumbene Drive has commenced, and will be ready to be opened on the third anniversary of the bushfires (18 January 2006).

The Development Application has been approved and work will commence in the next few weeks on the grass running tracks (2.5 km) and Road Cycling Criterium racing track (1.2km). These will be located on the western side of Holdens Creek. In time, a small pavilion is also planned for this area.

Blue Gums picnic area is close to being finished. The blue gums have been trimmed to make them safe, the area has been grassed and the toilet is working. Unfortunately, access will not be provided at this stage, due to the anti-social behavior the area may attract. People are welcome to walk into the area or contact ACT Forests to gain access. The old wood BBQ's are still on site, although electric BBQ's may be some time off.
Thanks to Anthony Evans, Project Manager, Stromlo Forest Park, for the primary content of this article.

From Neigbourhood Watch, Holder-Duffy-Weston, August 2005

Lake Ginninderra Handicap 30 August 2005

Today turned out to be a little windy for this run. However SpeedyGeoll and Flashduck, and Friar were there. Rad and SpeedyG were running after having done the Vets Half Marathon two days peviously. Both performed well today. Friar went off his correct handicap today and finished inluck 17th place. The luck was in the form of the barrel draws after the event, winners of wine being Tacker and SpeedyG, just to name a few, and Friar collected a bag of goodies, being a Sportdrink, Power Bar, and Socks.

Only one New Runner today, who is interested in the ACTCCC Spring series which commence November 1st at 6:00 pm, Molonglo Reach over 2k for Kids and 5km for others.

Until Next Time

August 27, 2005

North Lyneham - Near GDE

North Lyneham was the Venue for the ACT Cross Country Club events this afternoon, 27th August 2005.

On a day preceding the Vets Half Marathon, and The Australian Cross Country Championships in Adelaide, there were fewer than usual participants.

However, Nick B ran despite having a cold and being committed to the Half Marathon.
A few others like Jim W, Graeme S, and Friar ran both events and what a great day it was for a run along the trails.

Jack P, the club patron, and also patron of the Vets, rode over on his bike to have a chat and observe a few of us in action.

And to finish off the event, a sojourn to the Lyneham shops for a Capppuchino/Pot of Tea.

Until Next Time. :-)

August 26, 2005

Photo Finish

Thursday 25th August, we operated the Photo Finish equipment for the "Archdiocese of Canberra-Goulburn Primary and Secondary Schools Athletics Trials."

Arriving just before 8:00 am to set up the equipment, the AIS at Bruce was almost bereft of any human habitation, a mere score of people also setting up, including AIS and school staff.
Then later Volunteers from the University of Canberra arrived to help with the carnival.

Just before 9:00 am, buses of children arrived and started filling the stands.
They were well behaved during the day, and come lunchtime, there were large queues at the canteen.

Fortunately the volunteers were catered for, and we had a lunch of salad roll, muffin, apple and fruit drink personally delivered by some students.

Also tea and coffee, and biscuits/rice bars were on tap throughout the day, self serve whenever required.

It's quite an experience watching the kids competing, mostly doing their best.
In a couple of races though, they got within 10 metres of the line and then walked the final metres.

In an 800 metres event, one of the lads was so far in front, that down the final straight, he looked around, ran backwards for about 20 metres, and then strolled across the line to win by 10 seconds.
(His first lap was under 60 seconds, and his second lap was 77 seconds.)

He got the nickname of "Showpony" and was so called for the rest of the day.

Until next time. :-)

August 23, 2005

City2Surf 2005

Results to hand so far:-

(Updated 26th August)

If you know any more, please advise, we want to publish in "Vetrunner" and "Canberra Runner".

F Name L Name Official Time Unofficial Time Placing

Patrick Nyangelo 41.12
Dickson Marwa 41.15
Martin Dent 41.19 25-29, 1st
Stephen Moneghetti 41.34
Simon Field 42.20
Scott McTaggart 42.45 25-29, 3rd
Anthony Haber 43.48
Erwin McRae 43.52
Trent Harlow 44.46
Dean Cavuoto 44.52
James Barker 45.10
Paul Imhoff 46.10
Kerryn McCann 46.27
Gareth Halverson 46.55
David Osmond 46.56 47.03
Nick Walshe 47.28
Geoff Bruce 47.57
Jim Dawes 48.17
Lisa Jane Weightman 48.40
Lauren Shelley 49.02
Luke Grattan 49.34
Trevor Jacobs 49.38 49.51 50-54, 2nd
Peter James 50.01
Phil McGilvray 50.11
Melissa Moon 50.13
Tim Sawkins 50.14
Liz Miller 50.32 40-44, 1st
Jim Owen 51.08 55-59, 1st
Nick Mesher 51.59
Art Drisko 52.01
Geoff Monro 52.04
Andrew Lloyd 52.07
Angela Bateup 52.50
Danny O'Dea 52.55
Peter Kenna 52.59
Peter Zygadlo 54.14
Scott Imhoff 54.17
Timothy Calver 54.41
Colin McLeod 54.41
Mark Sparshott 54.49
Jim Owens 55.02
David Webster 55.05
Paul Veldkamp 55.08
Richard Faulks 55.26
Andrea Ilakovac 55.32
Frank Kresse 55.38
Belinda Fry 55.56 30-34, 3rd
Bob Harlow 56.50
Ainsley Hayden 57.10 14-15, 1st
Gordon McGurk 58.15
Samuel Towill 58.15
Alan Towill 58.16
Adrian Rumore 58.22
Felix Booth 58.49
Jim Brokenshire 59.13
Peter Cullen 59.35
Hannah Flannery 59.57
Roger Pilkington 60.32
Keri Vaughan 61.05
Ron Vines 61.45
Jim White 62.13
Gisbert Zwolen 62.49
Tom Griffiths 63.06
Martin Udall 63.11
Hugh Jorgensen 63.16
Bensah Afiabo 63.25
Carolyne Kramar 64.17
Gordon Nightingale 64.21
Ben Duncan 64.56
Rowena Headlam 65.04
Jim Short 65.15
Tony Mill-Thom 65.38
Leah Afiabo 66.14
Gary Potter 66.22 ATO
Ewen Thompson 66.35
Clem Baker-Finch 66.46
Fabian Harding 66.59
Kathie Dent 67.33
Brad Tepper 67.39 ATO
Daniel Dawes 68.08
Andrew Gardner 68.28
John Stoney 68.49
Cathy Newman 69.03 68.31
Simon Christen 69.17
Ian Dawson 69.45 ATO
Richard Hilhorst 69.52
Elle Knight 69.54
Elle Knight 69.54
John Kennedy 70.10
Don Roach 70.22
Dom DiCampli 70.54 ATO
David Booth 71.07
Sue Baker-Finch 71.07
Jared Henry 71.15
Geoff Hare 71.20 ATO
Richard Marson 71.43
Simon Duke 71.55
Charmaine Knobel 71.56
Britta Forster 72.08
Cathy Montalto 72.08
AnneMarie Calnan 72.35
Kate Griffiths 72.41
Adam Robinson 72.58
Georgie Rogers 73.17 ATO
Geoff Woods 73.32 ATO
Tanya Moneghetti 74.19
Thea Zimpel 74.40
Rae Palmer 74.46
Peter Hogan 75.11 69.58
Margaret Van Belkom 75.31
Michael Clancy 76.00
Richard Niven 76.10
Pamela Faulks 76.15
Roy Jones 77.11
Gabrielle Brown 77.46
Bronwyn Calver 77.52 75.41
Jeff Collins 77.54
Allison Duncan 78.42
Colin Adrian 78.50
Carol Robinson 78.56
Kevin Chapman 79.11
Michael Gardner 79.32
Roger Abbott 79.44
Ian Bradfield 79.49
Belinda Gilchrist 80.01
Marco Falzarano 80.14 20th C2S
Zoe Pleasants 80.29
Margaret McSpadden 80.42
Ray Bramwell 80.46
Diana Wright 80.59
Judy Diamond 81.50
Anita Lindemann 82.29
Mim Witteveen 83.59 ATO
Lorraine Jansen 84.10
Nick Blackaby 84.11
Bruce Wyatt 84.44
Beryl Lowry 85.16
Craig Tucker 85.33
Diana Schneider 85.40
Demetrious Pandouras 85.44
Leigh VanHaalen 85.52
Rae Wells 86.20
Susan Bultitude 87.01
Dave Cundy 88.10 30th Consecutive C2S
Helen Moscos Banks 88.16
Bob Botterill 88.34
Anne Young 88.46 70 and over, 1st
Helen Topor 89.19
Monica Lindemann 89.26
Rad Leovic 90.10
Audrey Gormley 90.15
Yumiko Clifton 91.30 89.05
Rick Hatcher 91.42
Suzanne Counsel 91.59
Brenda Ford 93.02
Jonathon Meredith 93.22
Ann Dawson 93.37
Carolyn Dawes 94.20
Lyle Swann 94.33
Tanya Strive 95.53
Dawn Casey 95.53
Rohan Lowry 96.13 Injured
Kim Nadurak 96.21
Beryl Walsh 96.22
Robyn Hatcher 96.47
Anne Holmes 99.53
Pierina Arioli 101.24
Anna Arioli 101.25
Norma Wallett 101.29 70 and over, 3rd
Michael Horan Jnr 102.09
Michael Horan Snr 102.10
Joy Hilhorst 103.02
Phil Holmes 103.12
Fiona Gardner 104.16
Natalie Dawson 104.39 ATO
Annette Clark 111.33
Carol Knight 111.43
Monica Short 113.07
Dave Mackenzie 113.10
Diann Bramwell 121.11
Paul O'Callaghan 122.44
Kerry O'Callaghan 122.49
Josephine Kulesz 128.16
Jacqui Tepper 136.26 ATO
Val Bland 144.22
Pat(ricia) Mullins 148.16
Margaret Zygadlo 154.10
Rita Jay 154.13
Peter Davis 169.40 180.00
David Palmer ???
Jose Ten Harve ???

Team Results

Husband and Wife (35+over) - Flashducks 2nd
Carolyne Kramar 64.17
Bob Harlow 56.50

Mother and Child 12-14
Bla Bla 1st
Leah Afiabo 66.14
Bensah Afiabo 63.25

Father and Child over 18
Towill Trotters 3rd
Alan Towill 58.16
Samuel Towill 58.15

Men 40 and over
Faster Fossils 1st
Jonathon Blake 48.16
Trevor Jacobs 49.38
Peter James 50.01