July 27, 2005

Molly Meldrum

Molly Meldrum

Molly launched this year's Floriade on Tuesday 27th July 2005.

As alluded to on an earlier post, this year's theme is "Rock 'N' roll in Bloom".
It celebrates 50 years of rock music in Australia.
Some of the flower beds are inspired by rock songs like the Beatles' "Strawberry Fields Forever" and Split Ends' "I See Red". Also "Blue Suede Shoes", "Brown Sugar."

Sixteen of Canberra's attractions will hold other rock 'n' roll events to create a "rock 'n' roll trail" through the city from September 17 to October 16. The Carillno will have a new beat, there'll be rock in the rock garden at Cockington Green, The Beatles at The Archives Jimmy Little at The National Museum and music of the Vietnam concerts at the Australian War memorial.

The Chief Minister, Jon Stanhope, encourages every Canberran to hum, whistle or sing their way around Floriade 2005.

Do visit Floriade, and do keep up your running during this Festival period, perhaps playing some "Rock 'N' Roll" songs through your earphones while rocking along on your daily runs.