September 26, 2012

BBQ Stakes 29 th September 2012

63 ran today with last week's winner Alex,(Kachalkov),  doing the timing.

George Pagotelis attended today, stating his running is all astray, due to his affairs being not normal at the moment, he even complained (commented) on his time today being 24:17, short of his recent times, and being slower due to putting on weight.  Tim Wright turned up today and helped with the recording of the finishers. A new starter today was Roxy Tanner, who ran with Kerrie Tanner and  Leah Afiabo.  Leah is becoming more regular these days.  I bet Lea and Kerrie both chatted most of the run.Janet Corses and Matthew Murphy were up in the placings today, Matthew being one of the backmarkers in the starting times, always putting in a good run. Matthew Murphy and Jen Bright were fastest runners last week.  Terry Levings had now chalked up 24 years in running the Stakes,

September 19, 2012

BBQ Stakes 19 th September 2012

Jen Bright put herself under the hammer today, by turning up much later then usual, but nevertheless, put in a good run to finish before everybody had gone home.  I think she had been to the hairdresser.  Lucky it was a nice fine day with above average temperatures.  A total of 56 runners  today, but the reason why the numbers were a little low is not known.  Brian Crowe did the timekeeping, even though he is not running yet,  in fact he is going on a holiday soon, so he  will be sorely missed. Hope his foot recovers quickly.  He is there almost every week to record the finishers, and has a vast knowledge of every persons activities,and the football clubs they support.

Someone bought a racing car today from the Discount Chemist, but forgot to take it with them afterwards.  Hope they don't get in trouble at home for being forgetful.  If not claimed, it will be there next week for collection.I went to the medical centre today, arriving before 9 o'clock and was seen within 30 minutes with all prescriptions renewed.

I had not been attended by that doctor previously, but was impressed with his efficiency and manner.

Got some essential tablets, and will return in a few weeks time for a cholesterol blood check.

That requires some fasting which is a little uncomfortable to do, I think he said 12 hours fasting.

Nevertheless, I am sure to survive.


September 12, 2012

BBQ Stakes 12 th September 2012

58 runners today, with a visitor from Queensland, Colin Bridge, who came for his son's engagement party and for The Canberra Times Fun Run, and of course for the BBQ Stakes.

Colin has run the Stakes some 430 times, and was the handicapper at sone stage, and had a winning streak of 5 times in 7 runs at some stage in the past.

Today's winner is going on holidays, previously planned, so timekeeper for next week was arranged today.

Today's timekeeper, Robert Ey, who finished about 10 th last week,  has 3 wins from 90  runs.

Lloyd Edwards was awarded his 400 th run T-Shirt today, he also runs the Customs Joggers event and the Lakes Stakes on a regular basis. His first Stakes was in April 1988 and his P.B. is 21:12, with 1180 Lakes Stakes.

Caroline Campbell, 55 th today,  and Helen Larmour, 54 th today,  returned for the Stakes run today, after a short and a long absence respectively.

Today's winner was Tony Wynd,  at 39:10 across the line, with 4 wins 91 runs and a P.B. of 26:41, second was Matthew Murphy, and Andrew Blyton was third, following his good effort in the Canberra Times Fun Run.

September 11, 2012

Medals and all that bling.

Having a bling and "biting" it is a bad example to set for our kids.

The biting part is what I cannot enthuse about.

What would parents think, if a child broke a tooth, while biting a medal.

What if a child after biting a coin contracted a sickness, because of germs ingested.?

I would be all for discouraging what to me, seems like an unhealthy practise, and a bad example to set.

Stop "biting" medals, coins etc..

September 09, 2012

The Canberra Times Family Fun Run 2012


Congratulations to the 5,000 entrants that ran, walked and wheeled their way through the picturesque streets of Canberra on a beautiful day. Olympic marathon runner Martin Dent was on hand to fire the 10km starting gun, with more than $74,000 so far raised for 170+ charities.

10km wheelchair category    1st Paul Nunnari 26:29

10km  1st male Gemechu Woyecha 30:30
            2nd male Erwin McRae 30:48
            3rd male Bradley Croker 31:18

            1st female Fleur Flanery 37:33
            2nd female Jackie Fairweather 38:15
            3rd female Kim Wilmshurst 38:34

            1st male Adrian Plummer 17:52
            2nd male Gareth Ridge 19:39
            3rd male Jack Gooday 19:42

            1st female Keely Small 18:19
            2nd female Capella Maguire 19:38
            3rd female Rebecca Sargent 22:06

The Above from The Website.

Full Results are in a lift out to The Canberra Times on Monday 10 th September.

In the female 10 km category, the first three are in the Dick Telford coaching squad.

September 05, 2012

BBQ Stakes and Lake Tuggers Stakes 4th and 5th September 2012

4th September 2012
 Lake Tuggeranong stakes had 11 participants.

5th September 2012 BBQ Stakes had 58 runners

BBQ Stakes last week John Hall had a win, he has 678 runs, he will be the next person to run 700 runs since he is now on 678 runs with 21 wins.

Lloyd Edwards is now on 399 runs, so should complete his 400 th run next week.

Richard Jukes, Sandy Lolikato and Angela Chapman were in the mix for the teams title today, unfortunately the trophy could not be presented to them today, the recent winners did not bring the trophy along.  Richard Jukes may have been the winner today, and the Wright couple ran together today.  John Busteed did not participate today, he must have had a holiday, but Judy Kuleas went early today, and finished full of running,  Anne Young we hope is well after her blip last week, when she felt a bit dizzy, and Caroline Campbell didn't run either.  The Vets had their monthly dinner at The Hellenic bistro last night, and there was good company and it was an enjoyable occasion.