January 30, 2012

Sprint triathlon National Championships. Bob Harlow, David Baussmann

From Bob Harlow.

Sprint Triathlon National Champs this morning. Am pleased with my 1hr 15m 55s, 2nd M60-64. Was wonderful to catch up with so many friends!

David Baussmann 1 hour 17 minutes, not far separates these two.

January 19, 2012

BBQ Stakes 18 th January 2011

Today belonged to Kerrie Tanner, with a great turnout of 63 starters in the heat. Kerrie completer her 300 th Stakes, and was awarded her 300th run T-Shirt.

Doug Fry had a rest at home after sufferingu from the heat in the Black Mountain run up on the previous day, tuesday.

He was helped back to the car by rangers from the information centre, Maria, Rosetta and John, who gave him a ride on one of their wagons, back to Rad's car. It seems like Friar was suuffering from the heat, and had trouble walking, running back was out of the question.

A day later and after a good night's sleep and plenty of rehydration, all appears to have led to a recovery from the heat exhaustion.

Today's BBQ Stakes report from Kerrie Tanner, thanks.

January 17, 2012

Black Mountain Run Up 17 JANUARY 2012

Black Mountain Run Up
Tuesday 17 January 2012

1 Stuart Doyle 12.44, 2 Luke Schofield 13.25, 3 Adrian Sheppard 13.52, 4 David Baldwin 14.17, 5 Shaun Ton 14.20, 6 Simon Claringbold 14.21, 7 John Fleming 14.26, 8 Peter Zygadlo 14.28, 9 Aaron Coles 14.37, 10 Trevor Jacobs 14.55, 11 Lee Rice 14.57, 12 Andrew Kingston 15.17, 13 Matthew Hole 15.34, 14 Tony Olliffe 16.52, 15 Hugh Moore 17.48, 16 Paul Velkamp 18.04, 17 Mike Day 18.29, 18 Tony Beasley 19.04, 19 Craig Wurz 19.07, 20 Otto Benda 19.08, 21 Yili Zhu 20.20, 22 Chris Withington 20.22, 23 Michael Burt 22.10, 24 Eric Wainwright 22.29, 25 Balinder Singh Khillan 25.16, 26 Rad Leovic 28.05.

1 Vanessa Haverd 14.34, 2 Belinda Allison 16.16, 3 Louise Sharp 16.45, 4 Monika Short 23.18, 5 Eliza Middleton 26.46.

January 15, 2012


Place Person ID Ist Name Last Name Gross
utes Time
Secs Start Net Comment
1 1005 Lloyd Edwards 33 30 5:00 28:30 Group 21
2 Terry Dixon 33 31 5:00 28:31 1 st run
3 6434 Nicole Bruce 33 35 3:45 29:50 Not eligible
4 1016 Jim White 34 06 11:30 22:36
5 2482 Roger Hollis 34 36 14:00 20:36
6 6122 Kate Vandenberg 35 11 12:15 22:56
7 Jen Bright 35 15 11:45 23:30 Not eligible
8 6121 Lucy McGarva 35 19 12:00 23:19
9 5326 Martin Woods 35 30 14:15 21:15
10 2567 Giles Lamb 35 31 14:15 21:16
11 2191 Kevin O’Keeffe 35 31 12:45 22:46
12 Bill Arthur 35 32 1:00 34:32 Not eligible
13 6436 Leonie Doyle 35 44 6:45 28:59
14 6426 Adam Jenkins 35 47 16:00 19:47
15 5520 Yili Zhu 35 49 13:30 22:19
16 Chris Martin 35 52 10:00 25:52 Not eligible
17 Curtis Hancock 35 55 17:00 18:55 Not eligible
18 2536 Mark Oliver 36 08 14:15 21:53
19 6286 David Ellis 36 13 15:45 20:28
20 Nathan Williamson 36 25 10:00 26:25 Noteligible
21 1938 Simon Claringbold 36 29 16:00 20:29
22 6151 Colin Heywood 36 37 8:00 28:37
23 2366 Richard Marson 36 44 13:45 22:59
24 2279 Mike Stracey 37 07 10:00 27:07
25 2556 Kerrie Bremner 37 21 11:30 26:51 Group 47
26 6365 Mandi Jonker 38 00 0:00 38:00 Not eligible
27 2348 Gabrielle Wright 38 07 0:00 38:07
28 Jade Hancock 39 05 12:15 26:50 Not eligible
29 2454 Yumiko Clifton 48 00 3:30 44:30

Today was a warm sunny day for the second run of 2012 with an excellent good roll up of 29 finishers. We again started at our new CJs purpose built headquarters in Commonwealth Park, on our traditional course.

Welcome to a number of runners we have not seen for a while: Jen Bright, Bill Arthur, Chris Martin, Curtis and Jade Hancock and Nathan Williamson.

Also, welcome to new starter Terry Dixon.

This was not a point score run but handicapping continued. As we had such a good field, three prizes are appropriate. Nicole unfortunately has finished before 34 minutes so is ineligible. Jim has generously passed up a prize, so provisional winners are Roger Hollis, Kate Vandenberg and Lucy McGarva. Roger, Kate and Lucy will be able to collect a prize of Runners Shop voucher or pair of socks next Friday.

Many thanks to Brian and Nick Walshe and the Runners Shop for the prizes of socks and vouchers.

Also thanks to Mike for providing drinks.

Next run will be Friday 20 January 2012, using our traditional course. Usual charge of $1 will apply.

A new point score competition will start on Friday February 3 2012, over 20 runs

January 11, 2012

BBQ Stakes 11 th January 2012

A large field today, with a small shower just before 12 noon, and a heavy shower during the run time. Nevertheless 68 runners today including Helen Larmour's son, not disgraced in this field, he has attended before, but I think this is his first completion of the stakes. Simon was the winner today, at 40:15, he has 41 runs to his credit, and now 3 wins with a P.B. of 29:36 on 1 May 2011. Second was Leanne Wilkes, a regular participant, and 3rd was Jeff King from IP Australia.

A bit of a hiccup with runners across the line not getting their correct finishing card. It behoves all runners across the line to display a bit of discipline to make sure they get their correct finishing place card. It helps to stay in line until the finishing card is obtained.

January 10, 2012

From Peta Sheppard __ Hartley Santos Tour Down Under

Santos Tour Down Under - A Day in the Uni SA Team Car

From: "SHEPPARD,Peta"

The 2011 ambassador for Hartley, Paul Crake, you all know him J , has kindly organised a ride for a lucky person, in a team car during this year’s Santos Tour Down Under.

To maximise the profit, the ‘seat’ is being auctioned off on eBay.

All monies raised go to Hartley Lifecare Inc and towards making a real difference to those living with a disability in the ACT and surrounding region

The link is below.


January 07, 2012

Thoughts of The Roads Scholar

Sunday, January 1, 2012
30 Years Running

I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions years ago. I came to a realization at some point that these New Year vows were just too black and white, with only two options. Either you kept them or you broke them. And that latter always prevailed, resulting in a feeling of failure, and an action of backsliding. I decided at some point that life handed you enough natural failures without proactively creating any artificial ones.

I’m not saying the every new year doesn’t bring new hopes. It’s very difficult to count down the waning days of an old year without reflection and introspection, as you look back on the rapidly expiring old year, and look forward to the first days of the next one with new hope and a feeling of starting over again with a clean slate.

So instead of resolutions, I now make goals, a term I like much better. It leaves a lot more gray area, and creates wiggle room for partial achievements. I can live with that. With a goal, there is a lot of room between total success and total failure. You can even surpass a goal, if you allow yourself that freedom.

In a very small way, I experienced that yesterday. Kelli and I went for a planned 6-miler around our neighborhood yesterday morning, and around four miles in, we both realized we felt pretty good, so we decided on the fly to add an extra mile, and closed out the old year with a solid 7-miler. Not a real game-changer, but it felt good just the same.

I often use my running time for deep thought. Introverts are that way. The simple act of running is, at once physically draining, and mentally invigorating. My greatest inspirations have occurred during the run, and those insights have spawned some of my better achievements in life. And there is no question that not only am I a better person through running, but running has impacted every aspect of my life for the better. Without running, I would have had a completely different life, and it would have been nowhere as full.

So yesterday, while we ran, I was reflecting on my running past, and how running’s lessons become life’s lessons. Just about anything one needs to know about life can be learned within the run. Running is a powerful teacher as long as the student is ready.

As the run continued, my thoughts moved forward to today, the first day of 2012. It was 30 years ago, 1982, when I first committed to running and racing, and my life changed forever. That’s a lot of years of life lessons. I can vividly remember those early days of running, and how in awe I was of the runners I met who had already been at it for 20 years or more. I truly never thought that would someday be me.

I’ve blogged my running thoughts in the past, but over time, much like running, writing presents its own set of challenges. It becomes more and more difficult as time passes to find fresh topics that no one else has already written about. It is even more difficult as the years pass to come up with new thoughts that YOU have not already written about. And the whole time, it is a test to present the thoughts in a way that someone else might have an interest in reading.

By the time our run was done, I had made three firm decisions. I knew I was going to climb up to our attic and pull down 30 years of old running T-shirts that been sitting there for years. I knew I was going to pull out 30 years of old running logs. (only the last 10 or so have been electronic) as supporting documentation. And I knew that I was going to use said T-shirts and running logs in support of my new goal for the new year, which will be to jump-start my writing again by recounting my first 30 years of running. I accomplished the first two missions within an hour of finishing the run. Achieving the third will take time, but today is hopefully the start.

The irony is that for those early years of running, I remember almost every run vividly. Without reviewing logs, I could probably rattle off every race I did those first couple of years, what my time was, and what the T-shirt looked like. Every run had its own uniqueness, and created its own memory. It was much like the start of a love affair. Every run took on its own significance.

On one of the running groups I belong to on Facebook, someone asked a few days ago why bloggers blog about running. It made me think and wonder why I stopped blogging several years ago, and came to the conclusion that I reached a point that I just didn’t have anything interesting to blog about. My blog cycle had run its course. But what I read from responses is that I really do still have a lot to say, 30 years worth, and I may be approaching a time of life to start saying it again.

I have 30 years of history to recall, 30 years of inspiration to share, 30 years of races to recount, and 30 years of documenting runners behaving like runners. I have 30 years of lessons learned, 30 years of successes and occasional failures, and 30 years of motivation for new runners who today are in the exact same place I was 30 years ago, and I can provide 30 years worth of reasons to stick with it for the next 30 years. I think I am qualified.

Today, the first day of 2012, Kelli and I went to the New Years at Noon 5K in Athens, GA. I almost talked us out of going, citing comfort and laziness as reasons, but we decided at the last minute to go. We ran, Kelli much better than me, as is usually the case. In 30 years I have slowed more than I would have guessed, but it has not diminished the desire to continue running for the next 30 years. This will be one of the many focuses I’m sure I’ll be writing about from time to time.

It’s funny how the cosmic energy of the universe pulls in a certain direction from time to time. After the race, I was approached by Tim Bagley, who asked me if I would consider writing a blog for his new web site. It confirmed that my goal for the new year is a valid one.

Funny you mention that, Tim. I think I just might.

What do you think

January 06, 2012

YMCA of Canberra Half Marathon training group 2012

While doing a browse this afternoon, I noticed this information:-

YMCA of Canberra Half Marathon training group 2012

The YMCA of Canberra Runners Club is conducting a half marathon-training group to prepare participants for the YMCA of Canberra Half Marathon on 20 May 2012. It is aimed at novices – those runners who have not completed this distance before and are attracted by the challenge! However, it is also open to people who may have run the distance some time ago and want to return to distance running. This will be the second year of the program although it is similar to a program conducted successfully by the ACT Cross Country Club that has nurtured over 300 runners to their first half marathon.

The program will start on 25 February 2012 and finish with a celebratory recovery run on the Tuesday after the half marathon. Group training will take place on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings at various venues around Canberra. Members will also be encouraged to participate in the YMCA of Canberra Runners Club events where possible as part of their training. Any additional training suggested will need to be undertaken by participants in their own time.

A brief information session will be held at 6pm on Wednesday 8 February at the YMCA Centre on Maclaurin Street, Chifley which is off Eggleston Crescent and up from the Chifley Shops.. The full program for the Group will be available on that day with the first run scheduled for 7am on Saturday 25 February at Lennox Gardens.

Experienced runners with many marathons and half marathons behind them will run/jog with participants at each group session.

More information from email - halfmarathon.YCRC@ymca.org.au

NOTE - You must be a member of the YMCA of Canberra Runners Club to join this training program.

Training Group Registration costs $170 and includes a free T shirt and drink bottle.

January 04, 2012

BBQ Stakes Wednesday 4 th January 2012

BBQ Stakes Wednesday 4 th January 2012,

Laura Toyne had the pleasure (duty) of time keeping at today's event with 37 runners participating. And it was a teams event with all running the course in reverse, the first run of each month is a reverse run. This is a quirk of the BBQ Stakes. The teams event was shared with two runners, Bob Harlow and Bruce Wight, being awarded their 400 th run T-Shirt.

Bob Harlow has a PB of 21:30, run sometime around September 1987 and Bruce Wight has a P.B. of 23:44 from 1999.

Andrew Blyton, Kerrie Tanner and Julie Quinn, finished in that order, subject to correction,Andrew was 1 st for IPAustralia, Kerrie second for IP Aust, and George 3rd for the others. Might have been Julie's birthday because I heard Happy Birthday greetings being wished for her.

Bob Harlow was 20 th, Kevin Chapman 21 st,Ian Hore 24 th, Caroline C ampbell 26 th, Terry Dixon 27th, Andrew Guild 29 th, Jeff Gardner 30 th, Talwar Singh was 36 th and Gabrielle Wright was 37 th. Daniel Buckley was 34 th, Ruth Baussmann was 15 th. Ian Hore was 24 th.