September 14, 2011

BBQ Stakes 14 th September 2011

Today's winner was Gary Bowen.

He has run the stakes 95 times so is heading for a souvenir t-shirt after another 5 runs. Today was his third win, and he seems to be a regular participant. He enjoyed The Camberra Times 5km Fun Run over the weekend, and finished into the head wind like the other runners..

Second over the line was John Scheding and the backmarker, Matthew Murphy was third. Matthew Murphy ran well again, as he usually does, to take out third place. Sandhya Bhatia did the timekeeping today in a seamless fashion after her win last week.

September 07, 2011

BBQ Stakes 7 th September 2011

IP Australia, after a long time, took out the team trophy for this month's reverse direction Stakes.

A total of more than 60 competed today, Katherine Butler, last week's winner handled the start and timing of the runners admirably.

She has suffered a rehandicap in the order of over a minute for her win, she now knows what mark she will be starting from next week.

Notable others today were Roger Pilkington completed his 900 th Stakes and Dolph Page completed his 100 th Stakes. Dolph has a P.b. of 29:39 on 16 th July 2008.

First today was Sandhya Bhatia in 38:37 over the line, second was Steven Murphy over the line at 39:37, third was Andy Matthews at 39:37., For those running in the annual Canberra Times Fun Run, look for the runners in the training group, more than 100 people being trained for this run by Kerrie Tanner and Debbie Cowell.

September 05, 2011

Running News by Ken Eynon

The YCRC Winter Season finished with good numbers in the West Basin 10 Miler on Saturday 3rd Sept.

Results will be on the website shortly.

The September 2011 Jogalong was significant in that Linda Miles joined Linda Richardson in becoming ONLY the second club member to record 220 runs in the 6k Handicap. I think I heard Linda say it has taken her 32 years to do this number of runs. Remembering that there are only 11 Jogalong's each year.The clubs AGM will be held in late October, more information on this will be published later. Keep your diary free for late October.

Spring Series will commence on Tuesday 1 November (Melbourne Cup Day). A 2k/5k will be held at Minindee Drive, Parkes near the Boathouse Restaurant.

September 01, 2011

BBQ Stakes 31 st August 2011

BBQ Stakes 31 st August 2011

Today's stakes was attended by 62 runners on a great day, and with the return of Bob Harlow, and Leah Afiabo, for her second run after a long absence and surgery to her knee, an essential part of an athlete's body.

The winner was Katherine Butler, 6th over the line. Brian Crowe did the timekeeping when last week's winner had to attend the funeral of his son's friend's father.

Adrian Plunkett reported that he is getting a lot of enquiries about people wanting to run the BBQ Stakes and get information about the event.

Terry Levings was absent, which will enable others to catch up on his totals.

First was Katherine Butler, 39:55 second Nathan Smythe in 40:01 amd third was John Paniagua in 40:02.

Results supplied by Kerrie Tanner are as follows;-

1. Sandy Lolicato, 39:03, Sandhya Bhatia 39:07, Ruth Baussmann 39:10. Gerard Lind 39:21, Daniel Sheahan 49:49, Katherine Butler 39:55, Nathan Smythe 40:01. John Paniagua 40:02, Steven Murphy 40:02, Jeff Gardner 40:03, gary Bowen 30:04, Matthew Murphy 40:08, Raymonf Chao 40:14, Angela Scott 40:20, Sean O'Halloran 40:21, Stewart Ward 40:29, Geoff King 40:33, Bill Bennett 40:35, Bruce Wight 40:41, John Barrett 40:45, Adrian Plunkett 40:48, Axel Godeck 40:51, Andrew Matthews 40:53, Peta Haesler 40:57, Martin Boyd 40:58, Bob Harlow 41:00, Robert Ey 41:03, Lloyd Donnelly 41:04, Lloyd Edwards 41:10, Sonja McKenna 41:11, Richard Juckes 41:12, Hugh Moore 41:22, Christine Dragistic 41:23, Leanne Wilks 41:24, Clare Bowman 41:29, Georgina Koponen 41:30, Michael Te Vvelde 41:32, Dale Beswick 41:36, Galvin Koh 41:44, Roger Pilkington 41:47, Jennifer Bright 41:38, Kevin Chapman 41:50, Helen Larmour 41:55, Terry Dixon 41:56, Natthew Fisher 42:08, Laura Toyne 42:14, Daniel Buckley 42:47, Caroline Campbell 43:17, Andrew Blyton 43:51, Ben Reay 44:14, Katherine Bleakley 44:26, Kewrrie Tanner 45:03, Anne Young 45:22, Leah Afiabo 45:43, Ian Hore 47:55, Gabrielle Wright 48:49, Judy Kuleas, John Busteed, Marc Wilson, Roger Palazzo, Binn Dang.