June 29, 2009

June 2009 Jogalong Report


Provided by Ivan Neville

With the June Jogalong coinciding with the long weekend, numbers were down a little. Nonetheless, there were still more than 150 participants across the three events.

In the 6 kilometre handicap event, the winner was newcomer Katy Hallam. Katy first competed in January this year and her time of 40 mins 50 secs is not only a personal best but is more than 11 minutes faster than when she first participated. Second place went to Linda Mackay, continuing her remarkable record in the event. It is the tenth time Linda has been placed since she first competed in July 1997, which includes three wins. Notably, her time of 30 mins 49 secs was her fastest in the 86 events in which she has participated. Third place went to Merilyn Bassett in 47 mins 49 secs, her fastest time for nearly four years. It was also the second time that Merilyn has been placed in the event following her second placing in March this year.

The fastest time of the day of 24 mins 41 secs was again recorded by Betsy Anderson-Smith.

In the 3 kilometre mixed event, the placings were exactly the same as last month. Ben Watson recorded the fastest time of 12 mins 07 secs while Jack Watson and Max Graham came in second and third respectively.

In the Minijog, 32 children took part in June. The winner was seven year old Lana Wurtz, starting in group 4, in a time of 8 mins 11 secs. Second place went to Nicholas Allnutt while Mitchell Kelly came in third.


With two of the top three in the pointscore competition after the May event not competing, there have been some big changes at the top of the table with three of the more experienced participants now in the lead. Diann Bramwell with five consistent runs has opened up a commanding lead of 31 points ahead of Lorna Burdon. Des Butler is one point further back. With the best six runs counting in the competition, there may well be further significant changes in the months ahead.

Jogalong Results

1 Kate Vandenberg 26:09, 2 Kerry Roberts 31:37, 3 Oneeka Robb 29:21, 4 Denise Cardew-Hall 42:08, 5 Kay Walker 42:31, 6 Thao Walker 42:31, 7 Lauren McDean 43:41, 8 Helen Larmour 28:21, 9 Josephine Farrugia 42:09, 10 Dianne McDean 46:23, 11 Anita Scherrer 27:59, 12 Kathy Goth 39:14, 13 Mary Ann Busteed 35:55, 14 Katherine Sheppard 31:53, 15 Josephine Kulesz 52:28, 16 Kim Burgess 48:18, 17 Charlotte Beaglehole 34:35, 18 Wendy Jaensch 53:32, 19 Kim Hocking 55:15, 20 Joanne Purcell 42:24, 21 Katy Hallam 40:50, 22 Trish Elliott 46:53, 23 Jenny Helmore 43:03, 24 Anna Llanwarne 42:29, 25 Carole Rowe 50:23, 26 Alison Kidd 39:59, 27 Peta McRae 45:21, 28 Melanie Dodd 28:54, 29 Belinda McRae 35:44, 30 Rachel Yates 40:05, 31 Matilda Thomas 36:16, 32 Linda Mackay 30:49, 33 Annie Lowry 35:29, 34 Kim Scott 42:33, 35 Trish Phillips 32:35, 36 Lila San Roque 59:45, 37 Maree Roughton 40:08, 38 Betsy Anderson-Smith 24:41, 39 Anne Parrett 44:13, 40 Sarah Zissler 43:15, 41 Mary Anne Apps 37:17, 42 Cate Byrne 35:19, 43 Emma Giessmann 32:32, 44 Helen Way 39:36, 45 Merilyn Bassett 47:49, 46 Gabrielle Wright 48:13, 47 Tomoko Sugiura 34:14, 48 Nerida Clarke 33:50, 49 Rachael De-hosson 29:52, 50 Deborah Mackay 35:33, 51 Des Butler 33:36, 52 Cathy Cochrane 43:37, 53 Wendy Read 33:38, 54 Anne Baynes 44:40, 55 Teresa Evans 43:42, 56 Samantha Brady 30:43, 57 Chloe Holland 38:45, 58 Myra Young 52:45, 59 Natalie Perry 34:18, 60 Emily Whitten 31:57, 61 Susannah Hiron 29:00, 62 Mary Johnstone 57:02, 63 Laura Baynes 26:36, 64 Karen Pegrum 32:10, 65 Donna Rousch 41:13, 66 Rita Raizis 38:25, 67 Monique Dyson 29:59, 68 Fiona Johnstone 35:30, 69 Diann Bramwell 48:31, 70 Irena Costmeyer 42:32, 71 Linda Miles 38:34, 72 Glenis Hiron 41:35, 73 Teresa Barker 27:06, 74 Sarah Turner 38:38, 75 Sarah Savell-Boss 39:47, 76 Linda Richardson 40:53, 77 Lorna Burdon 47:57, 78 Anna Barker 32:28, 79 Jackie Yow 30:09, 80 Julianne Quaine 30:21, 81 Meera Rajendran 1:01:22, 82 Lorraine Anderson 1:01:23, 83 Meredith Boroky 32:32, 84 Nerelle Harrison-Heard 42:43, 85 Erin Palisi 36:15, 86 Kate Palisi 36:16, 87 Yumiko Clifton 35:47, 88 Amanda Roccisano 47:48, 89 Kasey Alchin 51:49, 90 Josephine Hermans 37:50, 91 Karlie Wiggins 36:23, 92 Jacqueline Millard 34:56, 93 Consie Larmour 42:57, 94 Jeni James 47:58, 95 Lorraine Jansen 35:30, 96 Robyn Booth 35:11, 97 Susannah Churchill 31:14, 98 Julie Rey 42:22, 99 Joy Hilhorst 43:25, 100 Fiona Devery 36:31, 101 Monique Sheehan 36:32, 102 Emma Fielder 33:34, 103 Annegret Ludwig 40:45, 104 Sophie Cartwright 44:52, 105 Janet Hoop 44:52, 106 Anna Moreing 1:04:54, 107 Linda Beveridge 1:04:54, 108 Judi Edwards 32:30, 109 Kat Benton 35:01, 110 Jessica Stanley 1:05:21, 111 Judy Blake 55:46, 112 Margaret Redmond 48:00, 113 Peta Halloran 41:13, 114 Janet Perfrement 51:23, 115 Sarah Jane McDonnell 32:24, 116 Judy Forbes 45:26, 117 Svetlana Blazevski 40:39, 118 Gillian Warwick 50:56, 119 Penny Warwick 50:58, 120 Maria White 51:00, 121 Nicola Davies 40:02, 122 Kathryn Bond 40:02, 123 Ruth Richards 40:03, 124 Meladel Mistica 55:13, 125 Margaret Tuckwell 54:22, 126 Val Bland 59:58, 127 Jela Zotovic 42:36, 128 Andrea Twell 1:05:48, 129 Alli Stevenson 35:58, 130 Jennifer Morris 56:13.

3km Mixed Event, 1 Ben Watson 12:07, 2 Jack Watson 12:54, 3 Max Graham 12:58, 4 Jasper Sheehan 14:22, 5 Jessica Wallace 15:45, 6 Sue Paton 17:30, 7 Emma Fowler 18:48, 8 Catherine Watson 19:00, 9 Lucy Boom 19:21, 10 Amanda Wallace 20:54, 11 Danai Rice 21:30, 12 Luke Giessmann 21:50, 13 Karen Fowler 22:15, 14 Deirdre Wilson 28:58.

1.6km Mini-Jog, 1 Matthew Apps 6:53, 2 Henry Wallace 8:17, 3 Finlay McGurk 7:58, 4 Jasper McIntosh 8:07, 5 Lana Wurtz 8:11, 6 Matthew Rice 7:13, 7 Nicholas Allnutt 7:41, 8 Mitchell Kelly 7:48, 9 Richard Brady 7:21, 10 Harry Sowry 8:23, 11 Tayla Paton 8:24, 12 Hannah Sowry 9:34, 13 Brendan Hallett 8:37, 14 William Dyson 8:39, 15 Mikayla Brady 8:40, 16 Pippa Graham 9:13, 17 Max Hallett 8:02, 18 Katya Zygadlo 8:58, 19 Oliver Mill 7:05, 20 Adi Wellings 10:38, 21 Alyssa Paton 11:42, 22 Jack Larmour 8:45, 23 Codie Haycraft 10:46, 24 Hayley Bullas 11:43, 25 Maddie Wallace 9:18, 26 Caitie Kelly 10:21, 27 Sophie Sheppard 12:07, 28 Rose Lee-Steere 12:30, 29 Natahsha Zygadlo 8:13, 30 Cameron Allnutt 15:12, 31 Ayu Hancock 14:37, 32 Luke Smith 18:00.

June 24, 2009

BBQ Stakes Wed 24th June.

BBQ Stakes today had a gaggle of geese in attendance, no, not simply attending but there to run.

Some of them ran well in the Canada Day Fun Run last Sunday.

A comment was made about Ken White knowing the course now, so he must have had a good run.

43 attended, and ran on a slightly cool but fine day.

Melissa, the winner from last week was doing the timekeeping, and I helped by handing out the place cards.

I think Ian Hore achieved a milestone in the BBQ Stakes and Lakes Stakes, although I wasn't listening closely at the time the announcement was made.

June 22, 2009

Canada Day Fun Runs 2009

Runners get their just desserts at finish line


For Canadian high commission intern Kalinda Cripwell, gobbling a taste of home was the perfect antidote to the inclement conditions. Numbers for the 20th annual Canada Fun Run were down on last year but an estimated 1400 people still donned their running shoes and broke the record for the amount collected. ''Today went really well. Everyone that was there was very happy,'' Ms Cripwell said . ''And we raised $41,000 for the Cancer Council ACT, which is the most we've ever raised.'' Individuals donated steadily while long-time supporter Can-Weld donated a large sum. Runners were rewarded with a breakfast of pancakes served with fresh fruit and maple syrup. The Belconnen Lions Club was first on the scene yesterday morning, working flat-out to produce thousands of pancakes. Each year 60 litres of pure maple syrup is imported from Canada specifically for the run. Reports indicate all 60 litres were consumed. Participants ran either a 5km or 10km course, starting and finishing at the Canadian high commission. The certified tracks worked their way along the lake and through Weston Park.Source:- The Canberra Times Monday 22 June 2009.



Canada Day Fun Runs
21 JUNE 2009.

5k Men; Julian Dent 15.35 Michael Chapman 16.07, Declan Wilson 16.37, Shane Farrant 16.56, Mark Terracini 17.53, Steve Rohan-Jones 17.58, Murray Scown 18.07, Conor Sproule 18.09, James Humphreys 18.22, Steve Karvels 19.44, Anthony Cheung 19.51, Simon Rohan-Jones 20.18, Eu Ho Siew 20.29, Chris Oberscheider 20.44, Ned McRae 21.00, Alex Gosman 21.14, Sandy White 21.18, Scott Poynter 21.47, Steve Richardson 21.55, Liam Sproule 21.56, Andrew Owens 22.00, Darren Leseberg 22.10 and Max Graham 22.255k Women: Shannon Jones 18.02, Naomi Stewart 18.56, Betsy Anderson-Smith 19.25, Kim Wilmshurst 20.06, Natalie Archer 20.09, Felicity Brown 20.13, Hannah McClusky 20.34, Hayley Gorman 20.42, Aparna Nanayakkara 22.20, Annalise Hedditch 22.25, Amanda Walker 22.30, Thea Zimpel 22.30, Rachelle Ellis- Brownlee 23.01, Fiona Wisbey 23.15, Esther Glover 23.26, Susannah Hiron 23.44, Alice Damsel 24.00, Hanna Burger 24.08, Bonnie Andrews 24.10, Christine Sproule 24.11, Kelley Flood 24.22, Karen Daniels 24.38, Maria Donohue 25.10, Lisa Cox 25.11 and Siobhan Carrigy.25.13.

10k Men: Rohan Walker 30.50 then Michael Wager 31.50, Brad White 31.57, Matthew Riches 33.39, Bruce Graham 34.40, Scott Imhoff 34.44, Josh Berry 35.18, Ian McConville 35.21, Kieran Kirk 35.26, Brad Hetharia 35.27, Alex Miller 35.36, Andrew White 35.37, Ben Crabb 36.04, Grant Blue 36.18, Ben Wisbey 36.22, Peter Haynes 37.03, Anthony Walker 37.20, Greg Regester 37.22, Trevor Jacobs 37.24, Gordon McGurk 37.43, Adrian Kennett 37.59, Daniel Striegl 38.45, Ross Hamilton 38.40 and Steve Nolan 38.56.10k Women: 1. Andrea Ilakovac 37.20 then Sally Parker 38.05, Jennifer Dixon 38.14, Hannah Flannery 39.19, Fleur Flannery 39.19, Jane Zeller 40.06, Kate Molineaux 40.11, Sarah Fien 40.12, Laura Garvican 40.16, Elizabeth Humphries 42.31, Melissa Carters 43.41, Susie Kluth 43.51, Kate Vandenberg 44.00, Fiona Jorgensen 44.12, Nicole Riding 44.02, Andina Faragher 44.57, Louisa Lobigs 45,13, Helen Larmour 45.42, Teresa Barker 45.44, Michelle Greenwood 45.51, Skye Cappuccio 45.51, Sue Archer 45.55, Bronwyn Calver 46.50, Ady Elmitt 47.32 then Heidi Johnston 47.49.

Canada Day Fun Runs – Sunday 21st June 2009 – Reports

Over 1200 runners, joggers and walkers came out to celebrate some good winter rain, participate in the 20th Canada Day 10k and 5k Fun Run/Walk and raise money for the Cancer Society ACT.

This year the events raised over $40,000 for the Cancer Society ACT and brought the total raised over the 20-year period to in excess of $400,000.

The fun runs, which start and finish at the rear of the Canadian High Commission, proceed along Coronation Drive and then Alexandrina Drive to Yarralumla Bay for 5k and onto Weston Park for those running10k.

First male in the 10k was Rohan Walker 30 minutes 50 seconds followed by Michael Rieger 31 minutes.50 seconds and Brad White third in 31 minutes 57 seconds. Queanbeyan’s Andrea Ilakovac continued her recent great form in winning her third major event in this area in coming first in 37 minutes 20 seconds followed by Sally Parker 38 minutes 05 seconds second and Jennifer Dixon 38 minutes 14 seconds third.

The 5k event was a clean sweep for Orienteering with Australian Representatives Julian Dent and Shannon Jones first male and female respectively. Julian Dent was first male in 15 minutes 35 seconds followed by Michael Chapman 16 minutes 07 seconds and Declan Wilson 16 minutes 37 seconds third. First female was Shannon Jones 18 minutes 02 seconds, followed by the very young Naomi Stewart 18 minutes 56 seconds and in third place the very consistent Betsy Anderson-Smith 19 minutes 25 seconds.

A big thank you should go to the staff of the Canadian High Commission who put in a lot of time and effort to stage this event each year.

Cheers and thank you,

Report by Ken Eynon

June 20, 2009

Heating Vulcan Oil Heater

Now that winter is with us, we have just had our heating oil
tanks removed.
They were feeding our Vulcan Oil heater with heating oil regularly delivered to our oil tanks, yes we initially had only a single tank, but some years ago, we were convinced to install a second tank. I'm not sure why they thought we should get a second tank. We probably got a seconf tank to enable the delivery company to come out less often, and thus save on delivery charges. Hill and company in fyshwick now look after heating oil supplies.

In any case they served us well.

Then just before the onset of a Canberra winter several years ago, we tried to get the Vulcan oil heater serviced, but found our regular service agent had gone out of the business. And I have now learned that heating oil is supplied by Hill and Company in Fyshwick.

So we struggled on with an Air Conditioning system for several years, then in the last couple of years we got another air conditioner under an $150 cashback deal. The cash came back after a couple of months. We are surviving quite well with our current set up.

So we have now farewelled our heating oil tanks.

June 06, 2009

The Runners Shop June Sale -- Advert

I noticed this ad about 9 o'clock last night Friday .

The June sale is now on.

Refer my previous blog posting or if you want a list of the specials, ask and it shall be e-mailed to you.

June 04, 2009

The Chaser -- in the headlines again - outrages viewers

The ABC has cut a skit featuring terminally ill children from a scheduled repeat of the controversial program The Chaser's War on Everything.
The program outraged viewers last night with a segment featuring a fictional 'Make-a-Realistic-Wish Foundation' which ended with cast member Chris Taylor saying there was no point in making "extravagant" and "selfish" wishes come true as the children were "only going to die anyway".
Child actors wrapped in bandages and with sickly looking make-up were given a stick and a pencil case instead of their wishes to go to Disneyland or meet teenage heart-throb Zac Efron.
The Chaser's Julian Morrow and ABC TV director Kim Dalton this morning apologised for the skit, which they said was "satirical and black comedy".
"The ABC and The Chaser did not intend to hurt those who have been affected by the terminal illness of a child," the pair said in a statement to the media.
"We acknowledge the distress this segment has caused and we apologise to anyone we have upset."
The skit will be censored from tonight's repeat episode and from ABC websites.
Make-a-Wish Foundation spokeswoman Janita Friend said Taylor had rung the charity, to offer an explanation for the sketch.
"All he wanted to do was say to us he wasn't specifically poking fun at Make-A-Wish,'' she said.
Ms Friend said Taylor's apology had been accepted by the foundation's chief executive officer.
ABC viewers vented their anger on the broadcaster's website this morning, with one describing the skit as the most appalling thing to be aired on television.
A father of a terminally ill seven-year-old boy said he had always been a fan of The Chaser but was shocked it would make light of the foundation, with which his family had been involved.
"I will now have to go and accompany my wife who is presently consoling our son in his bedroom about his pending fate and agonising death which this show did nothing but exacerbate the issue,'' he wrote after the show aired.
He said he would try to have the taxpayer-funded show cancelled.
"I couldn't believe it when the `make a realistic wish' skit came on the show tonight, and particularly the closing line of `they're going to die anyway'," he wrote.
"What on Earth were the people involved with the show thinking? Not only the morons that came up with the idea of the skit but also all the people down the production line who approved it."

Another enraged viewer said the skit - which this morning appeared as a highlight from the show on The Chaser's website - should never have been aired.
"My God. It's utterly unfathomable that these arseholes could be that callous and unfeeling in the search for a cheap laugh," the post read.
Another post said the ABC should immediately end The Chaser team's contract.
"The 'make a realistic wish' skit was the most appalling thing I have ever seen on TV," it read.
"Are these idiots so insensitive that they would send up children in such a sad situation."
One post simply said it was a "chase too far".
"Preying on sick kids and their families for a laugh? Utterly, utterly, utterly repulsive," another read.
Other viewers who said the rest of the episode was funny still voiced concerns about the controversial skit.
"Yes, I found it so funny that I had to remove myself from the room to breathe as I was laughing so hard,'' one viewer wrote.
"However, I think they shot themselves in the foot with the make a wish (skit). Death can be funny ... but this wasn't funny, it was way too raw."
Health workers have also hit out at what its union has branded an insulting sketch that made fun of dying children.
Australian Workers' Union Queensland president Garry Ryan said carers of children with a terminal illness were disgusted by the show.
"Our members know the heartache of the families who have child with a terminal illness," he said.
"Our members share this pain. Nothing can be said about these tragedies that is funny. There is no humour in the illness, pain and death of a child.
"We have many members, not just working in healthcare, who have suffered through the tragedy of losing a child to illness. This is an insult to all of them."
The Make-A-Wish Foundation's Ms Friend said she was concerned about the skit's affect on sick children and their families.
"We spend quite a bit of time with families of children making them feel comfortable about applying for a wish,'' she said.
"Many have a psychological barrier that if they apply for a wish the child might pass away.''
Ms Friend said she feared portraying the foundation as granting `dying wishes' had traumatised some children.
"If you put yourself in the position of a family or a child who is having a wish granted, a lot of our children do not pass away, and the child might be at home watching saying `Oh my God, I'm having a wish I'm going to die','' she said.
"It's pretty horrific.''
She said she believed The Chaser team had helped the foundation in the past and if an opportunity arose, she would call upon them.
"I have every confidence that if we needed their help they would help us,'' she said.
Last night's controversial Chaser episode also featured a skit about Austrian incest dad Josef Fritzl and the Brady Bunch, which was followed by a mock viewer writing a letter of complaint to the ABC about the program.
And it's not the first time The Chaser has poked fun at the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
On its website in an article dated from August 2003, a satirical news item said a 17-year-old leukaemia sufferer had wished to be "painlessly killed,'' surprising the charity.
In an Age Online poll, readers were split on the return of The Chaser's War on Everything to television, which attracted 1.5 million viewers last week.
Of the 2026 readers who responded to the question 'Is The Chaser's War on Everything still funny?', 56 per cent said it was still funny and 44 per cent believed the show had lost its laughs.