May 26, 2009


Lately my inbox has had numerous Spam? messages.

From several different banks which I don't have accounts with.

So the messages are just deleted without even being looked at, and not even opened.

Until next time.

May 24, 2009

"the proof is in the pudding"

"the proof is in the pudding"

This was used on the TV show entitled "Master Chef" on Saturday 24th May.

The misuse has grated with me for some time now, however I have not posted in deference to those more knowledgeable than me.

And what purpose will this one post serve?

Hopefully only to note that it has been noted by me.

The phrase should be "The proof of the pudding is in the eating" as a Google search will reveal. I remember this phrase from aeons past.

Pudding was something we had as kids, especially at Christmas, now we have dessert.

Isn't language wonderful the way it changes??

May 19, 2009


A couple or more posts ago, mention was made of our next project being landscaping.

A step in that direction has been taken by contact with the following company.
Foxy's Landscapes.

A bit about us...Foxy's Landscapes Australia Pty Ltd was founded by Terry Fox (Managing Director) in 1987 after extensive studies at the ACT School of Horticulture. Terry's passion for horticulture lead him to become a member of the teaching staff from 1986 through to 1992.

Terrry told us about a nearby project for which they won an award.

We have set out our requirements in a verbal discussion while wandering about our front and back, and he will come back with a map and details of what can be done.

Then we will progress from there.

Until next time.

May 18, 2009

Latest Medical Report 13 May 2009

See below.

My medical treatment is now only a daily tablet of low dose aspirin.


The recent CT of the abdomen and pelvis (20/3/09) demonstrates that the lesion related to the left iliac arterial and venous system is a pelvic arteriovenous malformation. This is a congenital lesion that given this man's duplicated renal system (left-sided !VC), represents congenital variant in his venous anatomy.
The AVM is an incidental finding. There are real risks related to treating the AVM related to embolisation, both locally including to the sciatic nerve and distally to the peripheral arterial tree. At the moment there appear to be few benefits in treating the AVM. Mr Fry is asymptomatic and there is no evidence of distal embolus or circulatory compromise. The AVM in itself does not represent a problem as a space occupying lesion.
At this stage as the risks of treatment outweigh the potential benefits I believe we should adopt a wait and see approach before we intervene in treating the AVM looking for evidence of local symptoms or distal embolisation.
The second problem for this man is his chronic aortic dissection. This is stable. The only ongoing potential clinical problem would be aneurysmal degeneration of the false lumen. This can be well monitored with yearly imaging. Similarly, yearly imaging would monitor the AVM. As such a yearly angio CT looking at both the abdominal aorta and the left-sided pelvic AVM would be reasonable. I have given Mr Fry a form for his next imaging.
The only other issue for this man is the resolving DVT in his left leg. As I have mentioned in my previous letter, given the fact that the thrombus has essentially resolved and the d.dima level is normal, it would be reasonable for this man to manage his venous thromboembolism risk with long term low dose Aspirin rather than Warfarin therapy. Mr Fry has a pair of surgical compression stockings. At this stage he should wear these for symptomatic relief. From my point of view I look forward to seeing this man again in one year.

May 16, 2009

Running Shoes, City to Surf Bus Trip

The enforced layoff for medical treatment has resulted in no new shoes for ages now. The Canberra Times article published a couple of years ago highlighted my 18 or so pairs of shoes, Well I still have them, some in their original boxes, even though they may have been used a few or more times. Some have been used for gardening, and are now in danger of being thrown out, one pair was used for running until the laces whipped around and tripped me when I was running, and my glasses fell off and suffered from breakage.

Other pairs have been used minimally.

Also, I have read that shoes deteriorate even though they are not used.

So a close inspection of the state of my shoes is required to determine which can still be used. That should be an exercise in itself.

However, The Runners Shop in Canberra is the place to go for good advice and good prices. The shop also provides support to your club, so mention which club you belong to when shopping for shoes and other running equipment at The Runners Shop

Note the ACT Cross Country Club Bus Trip to the City to Surf has just started to be advertised. The City to Surf 2009 Entries open on Sunday 24th May.

Until next time.

May 12, 2009

And so they said.


Referral Notes: Chronic aortic dissection. Also has a ?left internal iliac artery to vein fistula.
Report: Initial angiography from the right groin demonstrated a chronic left sided aortic dissection beginning just below the renal arteries and extending virtually the full length of the infrarenal aorta. This seems to fill and clear with arterial flow suggesting it has both inflow and outflow connections. The outflow appears to be into the left common iliac artery.
Also noted was rapid filling of a left sided and duplicated inferior vena cava. This is caused by arteriovenous malformation in the left side of the pelvis that is supplied by both anterior and posterior divisions of the internal iliac artery. A branch feeding the malformation exclusively was selectively catheterised using a coaxial microcatheter system and this was partially embolised using 4ml of absolute alcohol. Some flow persisted in the channels following the procedure.
Comment: Treating this will require multiple presentations for both selective catheterisation and direct injection. Of concern is the proximity of the sciatic nerve and the potential for embolic damage to this structure.
Thank you for referring this patient.

The team then got together for a discussion about this parlous state and report.

A visit to the specialist, resulted in a decision not to carry out any further treatment for the next twelve months unless there any further problems arise.

I have apparently had all this peculiar internal plumbing from the date of birth, and it has only now come to attention because of all the scans and tests I have been subjected to.

So it seems like I have been given a "clean bill of health"

A student sat in with the specialist doctor on this latest consultation, and probably it was a good/useful consultation to attend.

Hope this all makes sense, but when they start talking in medical terms, it get's away from the real world.

Until Next Posting.

May 09, 2009

Steomlo Forest Park 9th May

A good turn out for these events, being kicked off at 12 noon with the 1km, followed by the 2.5km and then the 5km senior pointscore event.

A good bright sunny day, saw a large field in the 5km, not so many in the junior pointscore event and a fiercely run 1km at 12 noon to start the afternoon runs.

CM (seeem) ran only one lap of the 5km event, Friar ran in the 2.5km event, and numerous others, included MC who was spectating after having completed a long training run in the morning.

May 08, 2009

Customs Joggers 8 May 2009

A good field turned out today on the occasion of Nick's first run in a long time as a non customs employee.

Now he can work towards a reasonable handicap and perhaps win the highly prized voucher or socks.

He went off an early handicap today so was not eligible, but watch out for some moving forward in placings in the weeks to come.

He was at the BBQ stakes on Wednesday and will be free to train as the mood takes him, , so some improvement in form will no doubt follow.

As happened when he was regularly running with Maria's group on saturdays.

Carolyne and Rad started from o:00, and finished highly but were not eligible. Ian arrived just on time to start off his correct handicap. Simon ran off with Ian.

Bob was also there to tell of his triathlon exploits, and then rushed off (with Carolyne) for a lunch engagement.

Until Next Time.

May 05, 2009

It's Good News Week

This show and it's name, reminds me od a trip to South Australia many years ago, when we travelled by car and hiked through the ranges and stayed at Youth Hostels. The song was high on the hit parade at the time.

It was around the end of 1965, when a French student was visiting Canberra, and we took off to South Australia, for a hiking trip.

Hostels stayed at were Lobethal, Mount Lofty Aldgate Valley, Adelaide, Kuitpo, Steiglitz, Mylor, Kersbrook, and Mt Crawford,

One rememberable moment, was in a hostel with a tin roof, the rain pelting down on the roof was music to our ears.

Until Next Time

It's good news week, Someone's dropped a bomb somewhere, Contaminating atmosphere And blackening the sky, It's good news week, Someones found a way to give, The rotting dead a will to live, Go on and never die. Have you heard the news? What did it say? Who's won that race? What's the weather like today? It's good news week, Families shake the need for gold, By stimulating birth control, We're wanting less to eat. It's good news week, Doctors finding many ways, Of wrapping brains in metal trays, To keep us from the heat. It's good news week, Someone's dropped a bomb somewhere, Contaminating atmosphere And blackening the sky, It's good news week, Someones found a way to give, The rotting dead a will to live, Go on and never die. Have you heard the news? What did it say? Who's won that race? What's the weather like today? (what's the weather like today?) It's good news week, Families shake the need for gold, By stimulating birth control, We're wanting less to eat. It's good news week, Doctors finding many ways, Of wrapping brains in metal trays, To keep us from the heat. To keep us from the heat. To keep us from the heat.

May 02, 2009

Customs Joggers 2 May 2009

Nick Blackaby who has run over 600 of these events was given a surprise Cake and drinks after the run on 1st May, the day he retires from the public service, after doing well over 6oo Customs Joggers runs, and being the organiser for more years than we can remember.

John Schedding and Caroline Kramar were the winners of socks on the day, Anna O'Keeffe helped serve the spread of eats and drinks, organised by Mike Stracey, mike had a few telegrams from people prominent in the community, who had sent their good wishes, while Brian Wenn presented a Runners Shop Voucher to Nick. Brian, at The Runners Shop has supported the Customs Joggers run over many years, as he supports running in Canberra in general.

It was good that Gerry Hand was also present on this auspicious occasion.

Automatic completion of E-mail addresses in

Thank goodness this is still working, as of today.

Had a fright last night, when they would not complete.

But today, they would, so I'm sure my brain was ticking/idling overnight as to what I would do if this could not be remedied.

Thankfully, all seems to be well today.

Yahoo mail has been doing some funny things over the past couple of weeks.

Sent some jokes today, and all's well, so should have a better sleep tonight. (Especially after a good laugh).

Is that what computers do occasionally to keep us on our toes, or is there a simple explanation.

Yahoo mail has for the past two or more weeks, been going through my e-mail list asking me to suggest addresses to be contacted "as a friend" Weird!.