October 14, 2008

What a difference a day makes

Cycled over to Stromlo Forest Park on Saturday and Sunday, to view/cheer the cyclists doing the 24 hour cycling event.

Cyclists/cars/trailers/ tents were everywhere.

Not many in the new carpark area at Bluetts though.

The old and the young were around, didn't see "Two Fruits " though.

Then on the Sunday at the presentations, which went on for a couple of hours, due to so many categories, teams and individual entrants.

Then Monday, when all participants had gone home, the SFP was very quiet, with only a few workers clearing the area of tents, and other parephenalia.

The tracks were very dusty, no doubt settled by the recent rain.
It was very warm during the event.

The rain held off until the days after the event.

Until Next Time.

October 07, 2008

Rolling in and Rolling out

Rolled into the cycle Inn this morning with a "slow puncture".

They offered me a replacement tube, then when I asked could they fit it for me, they said "no trouble".

20 minutes or less later, I rolled out again and cycled home for lunch.

A young shop assistant did the fitting, and charged $23 or so, and the difference in ride smoothness on the way home was amazing.

Should have done the change weeks ago, now with fingers crossed, I'm ready to tackle some more rides around this city and suburbs.

We have a marvellous network of cycle paths, however some are in need of repair, but all can be negotiated with care. And then there are all the tracks in the nature parks, some of which are used by and for the Masters Monthly Run/Walk Handicaps.

Rode to Weston Park and return a few weeks back, now I'm looking for more adventures.

Until Next Time.

October 06, 2008

Really Rewarding Ride

Despite the threatening heavy skies, and dark clouds, ventured forth on my trusty bike up to Stromlo Forest Park for a ride around the cycle circuit.

There were two pairs of cyclists, male and female, and a few others spread thinly around.

Instead of retracing the outward route on the return, ventured slightly uphill on one of the tracks leading to the hill up to the top,
Saw a little Echidna crossing the track, and both of us stopped by the side of the track to have a little chat to each other. Then I proceeded further along the track, while Echidna crawled into the bushes and rocks.

A few showers, saw me sheltering under the grandstand, alternatively under a pine tree.

So that was my commune with nature for the day.

Back to the computer to check whether our subscribed TV program has had its program for this week posted, but no, as usual, will probably have to wait till tomorrow afternoon, to see the program for the week ahead.

Until then

October 05, 2008

My Heart in my Mouth

Logged on this morning to all sorts of funny happenings on the computer.

No. I didn't swear at it, not even under my breath.

Logon to e-mail program failed, so I was in trouble, or so I thought.

Tried all sorts of alternatives.

Then worked out that if I'd had a crash, then I could as a fail safe, head down to the Computer User group at Holder High School on Monday.

Then, after the football had finished, logged on again, and everything is back to normal, computer-wise, so with fingers crossed, I'm hammering away gently at the keyboard.

Hope a rest overnight, will rejuvenate and refresh the computer, and give me a fresh start tomorrow.

Until next log-on