August 28, 2008

Forerunner 305 Carked it ---- Hold The Press

Just when I was going to start cycling for exercise, The 305 carked it.

I've tried pressing all the buttons in combination - and tried a hard reset.

Connected to the various ports on the computer and am not getting a response.

So it might find its way into the rubbish bin, unless there is some inspirational soultion which will resurrect it.

Bye Bye Forerunner.

Hold The Press

After a bit of jiggling or joggling, and trying all the connections, it's now sitting there serenely re-charging, and has transferred all the recent events/tracks to the computer.

So. I'll treat it gently for the next few forays to see how it handles being taken along for the ride.

Until Next Time.

Moral I suppose is not to act in haste.

August 26, 2008

ACT Masters August Monthly Handicap at Blewitts

Message from Alan Duus

There has been a late change to Blewitts Pines to provide for overflow parking for the mountain bike event at Stromlo Forest Park this coming weekend. A new entrance track has been graded off Uriarra Rd. through our old start/finish area. Our parking area has been significantly improved by mowing and the rocky areas have been fenced-off. The small entrance/exit gate we previously used off Coppins Crossing Rd is now a continuous fence, and a more substantial entrance gate 100m to the north will be used as an exit onto Coppins Crossing Rd. That way all cars using the area will use separate gates for entrance and exit. Therefore all cars will enter off Uriarra Rd about 150m past the Coppins Crossing Rd turnoff. Please do not park on Uriarra Rd as there will be heavy vehicle traffic.

We have changed our start/finish area and moved it about 75m down the hill. We will therefore park on the western side of the parking area near the start/finish area. But never fear – the courses have been extended to make up the full distances for both short and long courses.


August 04, 2008

Baby to run in City to Surf

My angst or is it jealousy.

Or is it my thing to say -- too young !!!

Or should I just say - support the cause.


Baby to run in City to Surf
4/08/2008 9:41:00 AM
Little Timothy Quilty has come so far in just eight-and-half-months that he is competing in next Sunday’s Sydney, city to surf race.
As he can’t walk, he will be taking his dad, Des, mum, Emma and brother Patrick along for the ride.
The Quiltys have decided to do the ‘race’ as a fundraiser for NETS, who were vital when Timothy was born in November 2007 with a life-threatening build-up of air putting pressure on his tiny heart and lungs. He was on life support for three to four days.
“We have entered to raise money for the NETS team. NETS is the NSW newborn and paedeatric emergency transport service. They are specialist doctors and nurses who attend a critically ill child or newborn then treat, stabilise and move the patient. The medical team bring with them a fully equipped mobile intensive care unit,” Emma said.
“Tim was lucky to have an amazing team whose incredible care helped to save his life whilst he was still in Mudgee Hospital and en route to Sydney. As part of his rescue, Tim was taken by helicopter to Westmead Hospital in Sydney. The pilots were also extremely talented ensuring that the helicopter hovered until Tim could be stabilised with the differing air pressures.”
Emma said while basic day-to-day costs are met by NSW Health, NETS has to fund much of its own equipment.
“This service has extra significance in rural areas where larger hospitals with intensive care facilities are often long distances away, such as Dubbo, which for us would be 1.5 hours by road.
“As you can see it was a very difficult time for us all but the love and care Tim received was just outstanding, so we would like to go some small way to help them out.”
The Quiltys are downplaying the race bit, saying “for us it will be more of a race in the loosest sense of the word as we will be walking and pushing a pram although not dressed as gorillas,” they said with a chuckle.
As Tim played with a balloon in the family lounge on Friday afternoon under the watchful eye of brother Patrick, he looked fit and healthy.
“He’d doing really well,” Emma said. “He’s just going great guns. He’s sitting up and putting on weight.”
The Quiltys are looking for sponsors, either per kilometer or per hour.