March 28, 2008

Out of Hospital but not yet out of the woods

Out of hospital, but not yet “Out of the Woods "

’The following is part of a thank you note posted by snail mail today.
Many thanks for your huge parts in getting me into hospital, and under the care of the Urgent medical attention, which I obviously needed in early February.
I am not sure of all that happened on that night in early February, although I remember parts and snippets of the events.
The doctors indicated that my problem was a result of “bleeding from the brain”, and that it was probably due to “old age”.
One of the consequences of the “bleeding from the brain”, is that some of my memory ability, and in particular, “short term memory” has been damaged, and may not be recoverable, although there is some several weeks more (maybe a couple of months, before I can see a consultant on this matter)
I also remember a lot of the experiences of my stay in hospital.
However, now I am "home" one of my most pressing tasks is to extend HUGE thanks to everyone who sent me messages of best wishes, and joined in signing "Messages of support".
The above expression “not yet out of the woods” has been used to indicate, that I am under an arrangement called “Hospital In The Home”
This means that my current health is managed by visits from nurses who make “regular home visits, and medical checks, and provide updates on my condition, and adjustments to the medical treatment which they provide during their visits.
When my condition stabilizes, my treatment may be transferred to my own General Practitioner.
Later down the track, I have an appointment in about seven weeks time, with the medical specialist, who led one of a team of doctors which managed my treatment in the hospital.

While in hospital, I was heartened by visits from many people from the running and Athletic communities, and the people who most helped get me into hospital, have been sent a Big Thank You by post.Their help in getting me to hospital was mentioned many times, during the time visitors were around.
I have not yet had an opportunity to thank everybody in general. But I do intend to make my best efforts to thank all who provided support and assistance, and those who sent direct and indirect wishes during this recent setback in my health.


Until Next Message.