January 07, 2008

Glass and a Half

Yes. the 25th Anniversary of the Cadbury Marathon was held on 6th January 2008.

Several intrepid souls travelled from Canberra, to achieve Marathon and Half Marathon finishes, to receive a chocolate prize as a finishing gift, and to enjoy Tasmania.

Geoff Barker - Marathon 4:18:24, Robin Whyte - Marathon 4:53:48, Alice Scott - Marathon 5:57:36, Val Chesterton - Marathon 5:58:24, Mario Larocca - Half Marathon 2:23:53.

They are members of the ACT Veterans Athletic Club and ACT Race and Fitness Walking Club.

Further information and other results for the event can be found at:--


We await their return to hear all the stories about their trip, and races.

105 competitors from around the world took off at 6am in the 42.2km event, from all over the world. It was the first time the event had hit triple figure entries and entrants came from as far as New York, UK, Mexico, Italy and Malaysia.

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