November 22, 2005

120 Kph

That seems to be the speed at which a large number of motorists travel on the Freeway from Canberra to Sydney/Sydney to Canberra.

With good cars and good conditions on the road, we were passed by many, when sitting on the speed limit of 110 kph, and even when occasionally reaching a higher speed near 120 kph, were still being passed by higher speed vehicles.

We arrived in Sydney Friday evening and stayed at The Boulevard Hotel in William St, now outdated, but with good accommodation packages, a full buffet breakfast, and underground parking, close to the City. Outdated in respect of no bathroom fan, no dual flush toilet cistern.

A Chinese restaurant where we dined on Friday night, at the top of William St, had glass panels, allowing uninterrupted views along William St. It did not seem like the waiter had travelled much outside Sydney, and didn't know how far it was to Campbelltown.

Our Daughter and Boyfriend arrived about 9:30 am to have Buffet Breakfast with us.
Saturday was spent at Taronga Zoo, no elephants because they are holidaying at Western Plains Zoo, a chaurlift from the Ferry terminal took us to the top entry, and we spent a few hours wandering around.
The Giraffes looked in top class condition, and the monkeys were playfully climbing up and down the ropes and trees.

Dinner was at a Korean BBQ restaurant in Victoria St, Kings Cross, all you can eat, after making a selection from the dishes, and cooking it on a BBQ at your tablel.

We met our daughter and Boyfriend again at the Ferry Terminal to Manly, Wharf 2.

Sunday morning at the Oceanarium at Manly after a ride over on the Ferry, and we returned on the Ferry Cat to Circular Quay for lunch at an Italian Restaurant, "Eastside" good quality, and Desserts and Coffee, before leaving for Canberra at about 2:00pm, and arriving about 7:00pm.

We always stop every two hours, no matter where we are travelling, for petrol, coffe, rest-stops, or otherwise.

That was a very tiring weekend, and was very sleepy most of Monday, but am feeling better today.

Until Next Time.

November 18, 2005

DEWR - Hartley Fun Run

Hi All
Here are the results for the fun run today. Thank you to all of you on ACTrun for coming along and supporting usthis year. I am excited to tell you all that we made $550 for Hartley.Thank you to Ads, DavO, Puffy and Velcroman for making it possible
Cheers Peta

1 17.37 Geoff Monro
2 17.58 Emma Murray F
3 18:04 Simon Claringbold
4 18:51 Gary Potter
5 18:52 Scott Imhoff
6 18:53 Brett Worley
7 19:12 Jeremy Allan
8 19:13 Sam Ryland
9 19:33 Milton Valentine
10 19:41 Ian MacKerracher
11 19:42 Robert Torley
12 20:00 Grant Williams
13 20:17 Anthony Olliffe
14 20:35 Jo Andrews
15 20:53 Carinna Tong F
16 21:11 Susie Kluth F
17 21:40 Gus Geuna
18 22:00 Patrick Kluth
19 22:37 Bronwyn Calver F
20 22:39 Rob Blount
21 22:44 Ian Dawson
22 22:55 Trevor Jacobs
23 23:03 Elisabeth Selby F
24 23:20 Neil Mackenzie
25 23:39 Demetrios Pandouras
26 23:56 Georgie Rogers F
27 23:58 Horst Punzmann
28 24:06 Ben Danaher
29 24:53 Miriam Witteven F
30 25:17 Jevon Longdell
31 25:27 Caroline Campbell F
32 25:51 Ray Bramwell
33 26:17 Trevor Anderson
34 26:32 Graeme Grant
35 26:32 Paul Miller
36 27:01 Tiffany Shellan F
37 27:10 Nick Blackaby
38 28:14 Justine McNicol F
39 29:45 Bindie Stuart-Fitzpatrick
40 29:57 Geoff Barker
41 30:07 Mark Worrall
42 31:30 Amanda Kates F
43 32:33 Ed Macartney
44 32:33 Peter Solway
45 35:02 Cecilia Young F
46 41:05 Diann Bramwell F
47 44:56 Belinda Hughes F
48 44:56 Tom Cunningham

1 17.58 Emma Murray
2 20:53 Carinna Tong
3 21:11 Susie Kluth
4 22:37 Bronwyn Calver
5 23:03 Elisabeth Selby
6 23:56 Georgie Rogers
7 24:53 Miriam Witteven
8 25:27 Caroline Campbell
9 27:01 Tiffany Shellan
10 28:14 Justine McNicol
11 31:30 Amanda Kates
12 35:02 Cecilia Young
13 41:05 Diann Bramwell
14 44:56 Belinda Hughes

1 17.37 Geoff Monro
2 18:04 Simon Claringbold
3 18:51 Gary Potter
4 18:52 Scott Imhoff
5 18:53 Brett Worley
6 19:12 Jeremy Allan
7 19:13 Sam Ryland
8 19:33 Milton Valentine
9 19:41 Ian MacKerracher
10 19:42 Robert Torley
11 20:00 Grant Williams
12 20:17 Anthony Olliffe
13 20:35 Jo Andrews
14 21:40 Gus Geuna
15 22:00 Patrick Kluth
16 22:39 Rob Blount
17 22:44 Ian Dawson
18 22:55 Trevor Jacobs
19 23:20 Neil Mackenzie
20 23:39 Demetrios Pandouras
21 23:58 Horst Punzmann
22 24:06 Ben Danaher
23 25:17 Jevon Longdell
24 25:51 Ray Bramwell
25 26:17 Trevor Anderson
26 26:32 Graeme Grant
27 26:32 Paul Miller
28 27:10 Nick Blackaby
29 29:45 Bindie Stuart-Fitzpatrick
30 29:57 Geoff Barker
31 30:07 Mark Worrall
32 32:33 Ed Macartney
33 32:33 Peter Solway
34 44:56 Tom Cunningham

November 17, 2005

Bonshaw Cup 2005

This year was the 41st conduct of The Bonshaw Cup.
A large contingent of walkers got the day off to a start at 11:00 am, with the runners commenced at 11:30 am.

The course took us around the Oval at HMAS Harman, off Canberra Avenue near Queanbeyan.
We then traversed the roads through the base and out the back to the Bonshaw transmitting station, a drink station being located there, and back to the oval for a finish over electronic, chip timing mats. The course was the traditional 6.4km.

A BBQ followed at 12:30pm, and barrel draws and prize giving followed.

An enjoyable day for a run, and for the company. Many local runners competed as well as large contingent from the services.

In the Masters category, Females, Kerrie Muir took first place, Adrienne Andrews, stormed home in second place, and Flashduck picked up third prize.

Flashduck and Flashdrake had cycled to the event, and of course were to cycle home afterwards.

Until Next Time

November 12, 2005

Belconnen Fun Run

This run was well organised by students of Hawker College.
On arrival at CISAC, met Aki, who got there early and was waiting outside, but getting ready to do some stretching, and went inside to find a suitable area.
I entered on the day, which raised more funds for the cause, on the squash courts where a sufficient number of tables had been set-up, and was very quick to get a race number, for I had already filled in the form at home.
Then met Nick, Ray, Dianne, Dianna, John, Strewth, CJ, Geoff B, Flashduck, Jim W, saw Hugh F doing his usual warmer uppers on Aikman Drive.
And Jodie arrived with Hux, decked out with his race number.
Had a comfortable run around the lake on the bike tracks, and saw Sue B (about 3km to go) a good Vets Sprinter, passed Jamie with about 2km to go, and a young lady we passed commented that we were going well and she was stuffed, but she passed us with about 300 metres to go.
Sue B met after the run, as well as Aki and others while eating and drinking, some of the fruit, drinks, and fruit bread from Baker's dekight.
Met Geoff and Kay, The Goor Dr Roothkey in his under 16 minutes/5km gear (sans proper top), John limped over the line again.
PRB was there and reported on the traing group conducted by Maria on Saturday mornings, they only ran 15km this morning.

Home to finish the grass cutting, and updating Vets and Canberra Runner Website Calendars, and of course posting this blog.

Until Next Time.

November 10, 2005

Weston Park 5k

I thought this was an "out and Back" course.

Forerunner Man didn't think so. I'm sure the bike path was not the width shown on the map, but the GPS signal was weak at various spots during the run through the Woodlands.

The 5km course went to Dunrossil drive and return, around the back of the nursery, and thanks to the grass having been recently mown, was easy to negotiate.

Until Next Time.

November 05, 2005

Majura Vineyards One Peak Challenge

Upper Map from Google earth, Lower Map from Motion Based.

I won't put in the profile, but for those who know Mt Majura, there are some pretty steep and narrow tracks, or narrow and steep, and downhill on the Mt Majura road, which is not open to normal traffic.

The Majura Vineyards was the start and finish location for this event, and each finisher received a bottle of Pint Noir as they crossed the finishing line, from the Vineyards owner, many thanks from the 115 finishers, which included 4 relay teams of 3 runners each.

John Winsbury was first male, and Emma Murray, first female, she broke the course record by some 6 minutes.

Friar started off with a supposedly conservative speed, which turned out to be about 6 minutes for the first km, over some mown grass strip, and onto a forestry one lane track, then the going got tougher, with a hill to climb at the 3km mark, by good organisation, a water station, manned by Carol and Heather, was at the summit of this hill, then a long run down a gravel track to Mackenzie St in Hackett.

The track was followed around to the bus stop in Antill St Hackett, and then diverted around some grassy, narrow goat (near horse paddocks) track, covered by long grass, until another drink station at the 7km mark, this one manned by DaveO, then followed a slow climb up to the track around the base of Mt Majura, and the flattish trail along here was a welcome relief.

But of course the long climb up to the road at Mt Majura took ages, some of it along rocky narrow tracks, steppping logs and rocks, and managing to keep moving in a slow shuffle, drink station at Mt Majura road was 11km, manned by David B, and we knew the rest was downhill, and didn't Alice and Maria know it, they hurtled down the road like scared cats, while I was more sedate, more like a Wombat.

The male winner came past at this point,with 3km to go, and along the last grassy, freshly mown track, Vince came past wearing his black WrightSocks, referred to in one of my previous posts.

Refreshing soft drinks, fruit cake, and Power Bar, were welcome at the finish, stories were swapped, and I stayed until the last of the competitors finished.

As I said earlier, 115 finished, including PRB, Flashduck, Prue and Steve, Jim and Maria, Marg and Beryl, Anita Norma and Eric, and a host of others too numerous to mention.

Until Next Time

November 02, 2005

Walking on Water and Grass

At the spring series event at Molonglo Reach, on returning over the bridge, I accidently knocked Forerunner Man into the bridge railings.
He did a wobbly and refused to continue with me, until I gave him a Kickstart again.
This took some time, and by the time he had caught up with me I was whizzing along the bike path. Forerunner Man could only catch me by taking a short cut, and walking over the water.
He also lost track on a grassed area, hence he must have been so knocked about, he lost track of the satellites.

He was behaving normally today.

Until Next Time.

Splendid Outfit today

Wore my recently acquired Wright Socks today.

They are the black model, they also come in white, Double Layer, Anti-Blister System.
Inner Layer is Coolmax (R).

More Information is at:-

Today's run was at The Barbecue Stakes in Woden over 6km, with 52 competitors, and the run was anti-clockwise, which happens on the first Wednesday of every month.

Flasduck, Rad, Friar competed, and watch out for Rads Ravers in the Sri Chinmoy Triple Triathlon in late November.

Until Next Time